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The Best Form of Body Building, Part Ten -- Dennis Weis


An older man doesn't have the recuperative ability of a younger man, so he must adhere to a different training program due to this physical condition. Here is a 5-step plan which will guide you in this area. 

1) Slow down; don't train so hard.
2) Be MODERATE in your training sessions.
3) Set GOALS, but use WISDOM. 
4) Consider your past training abilities.
5) Use shorter workout schedules.

It is important for the older person to exercise the heart and lungs, with high repetition work. Include plenty of walking, jogging, and stair climbing.


For those of you parents who have youngsters or teenagers who have expressed a desire to begin weight training, I offer you these very sensible suggestions that will result in making the most progress in the shortest amount of time.

1) Always SUPERVISE the exercise program. This will curb the temptation of the youngsters to see how much they can lift for a single maximum.

2) Use VERY light poundages and increase repetitions, rather than weight. NEVER EXCEED more than 25 to 50 pounds on any of the exercise movements.

3) Use only one or two movements per bodypart, BUT DO ONLY ONE SET OF EACH!!!

The reason we suggest using very light poundages, is because the growth areas near the bones have not reached full maturity and straining with a heavy poundage might cause a permanent damage before its proper growth potential is reached.

For those teens who are involved in athletics -- NEVER TRAIN MORE THAN TWICE A WEEK DURING THE SEASON. At this time, participation in the chosen sport is the main concern. 


A steroid is a synthetic (artificially produced drug) derivative of the male hormone TESTOSTERONE. A hormone is an "exciter" in the body's system. We find that testosterone influenced MUSCULAR GROWTH within the body. This hormone testosterone is such a powerful stimulant that it only takes a tiny injection to affect the body chemistry. The function of this hormone allows for more amino acids to enter the cells in the body to develop and form more proteins. Now, since this action is taking place in the body's billions of cells, RAPID GROWTH WILL TAKE PLACE. 

These anabolic (building up) hormones we are speaking of are for therapeutic use with people who have had surgery or a long illness. These individuals lack an adequate chemical balance of these hormones in their bodies and that is the only reason that this artificial drug was originally designed. Under a doctor's supervision and for a short duration these drugs will be administered to bring up the natural hormone activity in the body to its proper delicate function. 

What does this have to do with the bodybuilder? 


Some of the world's worst faddists are bodybuilders and athletes. They will, along with their training, take any kind of chemical that will help them to become bigger or faster, etc. 

Bodybuilders who are interested in obtaining MAXIMUM size and strength will sometimes turn to these therapeutic growth drugs in an effort to meet these demands. 

Most men who use anabolic hormones do so in ignorance; they believe they must use them to obtain great strength or a top physique and all the while they don't have any idea of their evil potential. Some of these adverse side effects or reactions are: bleeding from the nose and rectum, chest pains, loss of sexual drive, appearance of puffiness, loss of hair, etc. Side effects vary due to body chemistry and other factors.

Mentioned earlier was the fact that anabolic hormones were to be used on a short term basis and under the supervision of a doctor. Now what usually occurs is that a healthy bodybuilder will take large and frequent doses for long periods of time in an effort to make FASTER gains! To begin with, the healthy bodybuilder doesn't need this hormone since he has an adequate chemical balance of testosterone in his body. By chemically adding "more" of this growth hormone the bodybuilder hopes to produce a further stimulus for muscle growth. The end result over an extended period of time is that the body will lose its natural ability to produce this hormone and this naturally results in a hormone imbalance within the body.

Growth drugs are certainly a confusing subject and a total mess. Some guys get "results" while others get little but temporary sterility and lost hair, etc. These hormones are relied upon by mentally lazy people because they simply don't want to spend time searching out and studying the truth about their body chemistry. In most all cases, steroids don't chemically create more power or muscle development within a healthy bodybuilder or athlete. [Pardon me?]

I don't advocate the use of these drugs. They are not needed. A reliance on healthier things like proper nutrition and exercise done in the correct manner, etc., would be much more result producing if followed consistently. 

Next: Metabolism, and Notes on Nutrition.

Enjoy Your Lifting. 





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