Monday, January 17, 2022

The Fantastic Griffith Arm Routine -- Dan Pace (1973)


My friend, Sam Griffiths, has long bee renowned for his huge arms. As a tribute to his greatness, I present to the world Sam's fantastic arm routine that really shocks your arms into growth. You can pump your arms larger than you have ever pumped them. 

There are, however, some rules that must be followed so that the desired results will be obtained. The whole routine must be done. Strict form is a must. Do the routine exactly as directed. 

This routine works best when two do it. One lifter does the exercises while the other one hands him the weights. 

The whole routine must be done. Everyone who has worked out for any length of time has done the incline dumbbell curl and some form of lying triceps extensions. These exercises were chosen because you can perform them with the least amount of cheating. It is important that the arms hang straight down when doing the curls. Some get tired at the end and fail to do this, this not getting the most out of the routine. 

I've found that by using a situp board with one end at the highest possible incline angle, it makes a great decline bench. The strap holds the feet from slipping down. Decline triceps extensions isolate the triceps completely. They'll really burn when you are done. 

Dumbbells make the whole thing more effective. They isolate each arm. They make the routine more difficult by providing the right poundage change.

Strictness of exercise makes it that much better. Slow down the repetitions, but go from one poundage to the other as rapidly as possible. You may rest between exercises by handing your partner his weights.

By this time you are wondering what makes this routine so much different. What's this about poundage change? What about choosing the right poundage? You say, "Big deal! Dumbbell incline curls and lying triceps extensions with dumbbells!"

Well, the method of performing this routine is as new as spring. The following routine should only be done by advanced men and then only once a week. It is far too severe to be done more often.

What is this new principle of training? Sam Griffiths calls it the descending set. Actually each set is a tri-set. You already know how to do the exercises. The clincher is this: You pick three pairs of dumbbells that you can do 7 reps with. For example, most guys at my gym have had to start with the 30's, 25's and the 20's. First the decline triceps extension is done in this manner: 

Assume the inverted position. That's head at the bottom. Have your training partner hand you the 30's. Do 7 strict reps. Your partner is standing by with 25's which he immediately hands to you. Do another 7 reps. The process is repeated with the 20's. Remember, 7 reps, strict form, and go right to the next weight. You've done one descending set. Now move on to the curls.

The curl is done the same way. 7 reps with each of the weights with the heaviest done first. One full cycle is done when both the biceps and the triceps have been worked. Three full cycles should be done. Again, do this routine only once a week and at the most every fourth day. You'll get the greatest pump of your life. If you work it too often you'll just burn yourself out. You'll get weaker and your arms will decrease in size. That's how strenuous the descending sets are. 

Descending sets can be done for any body part. Just don't overdo it.

Enjoy Your Lifting!     

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