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The Multi-Poundage/Cheating Principle, Super Rest-Pause Systems, Split Training -- Dennis Weis

An amazon list of Dennis Weis books, some I had not seen before: 

I want to put some chapters from this book, The Competitive Edge up [THANK YOU!], but not in their original order. 

Starting with  . . .  no . . . wait a second . . .  I like looking online and checking out ideas for "powerbuilding" routines. One that struck me last week used the Front Squat, Pendlay Row, and Incline Bench for its "big three" instead of the squat, dead, and bench. Cycled with percentages progressively getting higher and reps getting lower . . . plus some assistance/bodybuilding stuff. 

Okay . . . starting with . . . 

The Multi-Poundage/Cheating Principle  

Here is a unique training procedure for total arm development that accents the use of the Multi-Poundage system while incorporating the cheating principle. 

Pick one basic exercise movement for the biceps and one for the triceps. For the biceps you might choose the Standing Barbell Curl, and for the triceps the Standing French Press.

Select your poundage for the curl, after a decent warmup, that will allow you a maximum of 6 reps utilizing the cheating principle (i.e., just enough back bend to get the barbell started). Immediately (NO REST) after doing those reps, drop 20% of the poundage and continue to curl the weight for 8 reps in a semi-cheat fashion. Again no rest, drop off another 20%. At this point you should be able to get 8 final reps in very strict fashion. 

That's it for the biceps. Now IMMEDIATELY go to the Standing French Press, while following the above instructions. The only exception being that the triceps take slightly higher reps at 8-10-10.

Now rest 3 minutes.

Following the above exercises pick a shaping movement for the biceps such as the Alternate DB Curl. The exercise for the triceps can remain the same. Here is how your routine might look: 

Scheme No. 1

Barbell Curl - 6 reps (cheat), 8 reps (semi-cheat), 8 reps (strict). 
Triceps Press - 8 reps (cheat), 10 reps (semi-cheat), 10 reps (strict). 

Rest 3 Minutes

Scheme No 2

Alternate DB Curl - 6 reps (cheat), 8 reps (semi-cheat), 8 reps (strict).
Triceps Press - 8 reps (cheat), 10 reps (semi-cheat), 10 reps (strict). 


Determine beforehand what your 20% decreases will be. This way you can load up your barbell/dumbbells accordingly at the beginning of the exercise scheme and in this way the time factor will not be lost as you make the necessary poundage decreases.  

Super Rest-Pause Systems

Six Sets of 10 Reps

Find a poundage you can do 10 reps with. Now add 10% more weight. You will do 10 reps each set, but the secret to accomplishing this is the rest periods between sets. Set one ends with a rest period of 30 seconds. Each additional set add 15 seconds to your rest periods. Second set (45 seconds0, third set (60 seconds), etc., etc. When the sets get to the point where you can do more than 10 reps rather easily, add more poundage.

Six Sets of Descending Reps

Find a poundage you can do 10 reps with. Now decrease the poundage by 5%. Your rest periods between sets remain at a fixed 30 seconds each. The first set you will probably get 9 or 10 reps. The second set you may get only 7 or 8. So it goes -- the reps descend as you finish up your six sets. When you get to the point where you are getting 10 reps rather easily on all six sets, it's time to add more poundage to the bar.  

12 Variations of the Split System

Enjoy Your Lifting !


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