Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Best Form of Bodybuilding, Part Nine- Dennis Weis

How Long Should a Workout Session Last?

A training session properly performed should never take much longer than 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. This should be adhered to regardless of the training endeavors (body building, powerlifting or training for a specific sport, etc.). 

This time factor for training will allow for the maximum of 1 to 2 minutes rest between sets, two minutes rest between different bodyparts, and the average time of 1 minute (6 seconds to perform one rep) to properly perform 10 reps. Also taken into consideration is the time needed for sufficient warmups preceding the various exercises. Following brief and intense workouts in the manner we have discussed thus far will allow you to do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, and you can fully recuperate while almost constantly stimulating your muscles into growth.

Best Time of the Day to Train

Scientific research indicates that energy and strength levels in the human body reach a peak around 3 to 4 p.m. each day. Society demands that we buy food and pay rent, etc., so in order to meet these demands we are obliged to seek employment. Due to our obligations in this area we find that the average body builder works on an average job from 8 to 5 p.m. daily five or six days per week. Unfortunately the vast majority of us can't train at this seemingly IDEAL TIME. The one and only suggestion I can make in this case is to "Train at that time which is at your convenience. Train either before or after your evening meal if this is your preference.

Some body builders who work on night shifts (graveyard -- midnight to 8 a.m.) find training time difficult. For you individuals in this situation may I offer these brief suggestions. The BEST plan is to take a nap of several hours and then begin your training session an hour after waking up. Now after your training session you might like to eat a meal, then you can get the rest of your sleep before going to work. If you are one of those who CAN'T break up the sleep in this way, I think the next best solution is to train IMMEDIATELY after work IF YOUR WORK ISN'T TOO STRENUOUS. Above all, you should never skip your training sessions while on this shift. 

The Importance of Sleep 

Our muscles grow when we are resting or sleeping. It is during this period of deep rest that the body's chemical processes are given a chance to supply the muscle cells with vital food components, obtained from proper nutritional habits, so necessary for building size and strength.

So one can immediately see the need for sound sleep and/or rest to make reasonable progress.

How much sleep is necessary? For the body builder or athlete a minimum of eight hours per night is a must. Depending on your daily expenditure of energy (job, family, workouts, involvement in sports, etc.) you could sleep as much as nine to 10 hours per night.

How to Warm Up Before Exercising

It isn't enough to do only one or two general warmup exercises (calisthenics, running in place, pushups, etc.) at the beginning of your workout schedule. You should warm up with each specific exercise that you will be using for a certain bodypart, before giving it everything you're got. The secret is to warm up the muscle without fatiguing it in the process. 

A good warmup procedure to follow is to perform 1 or 2 sets, resting 30 seconds maximum between sets) per individual exercise using 2/3 of your maximum repetition poundage. For example, if your maximum poundage for 10 reps in the bench press is 200 pounds, you would use approximately 135 pounds for two warmup sets. Proper warmups will benefit you in many ways.

1) Warmups help to reduce muscle injury. When a muscle hasn't been warmed up sufficiently, it may tear or pull if it is suddenly required to contract against a maximum application of effort.

2) Warmups increase blood flow to the muscle area being worked. 

3) Warmups tune up the nervous system. This opens up the nerve pathways between the brain and the muscle being worked. 

Enjoy Your Lifting! 


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