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Some Sample Chuck Sipes Routines

More here:

You can pick up some ideas from these, and use them appropriately in your own routine designs.



Warm up with some pushups, two or three sets of 15 or so.

Seated PBN (no lockout), two deep breaths between each rep, 3 x 8.
Seated Barbell Press, shoulder width grip, 4 x 6.
Lying Pullover and Press, 4 x 8.

Heavy Cheat Curl, 5 x 2 reps.
DB Concentration Curl, 5 x 8.

Lying Triceps Extension, 5 x 4 reps.
One Arm DB Triceps Extension, 5 x 6.

Standing Side Lateral, 2 x 10

Squat, two deep breaths between each rep, 4 x 8.

Regular Deadlift, two deep breaths between each rep, 4 x 6.  



Warm up with some wide grip pullups behind the neck, 3 sets.

Seated DB Lateral Raise, all the way up over your head, 4 x 10.
Seated DB Press, slow cadence, 3 x 8.

Incline Barbell Press, medium width grip, 5 x 8.
Straight Arm Pullover, light, deep breathing, 5 x 15. 

DB Concentration Curl, 4 x 8.
Use the Pause/No Pause method. First set, pause for a count of two in the bottom position of each rep. Second set, no pause at the bottom. So, alternate between the pause and not pause versions.  
Standing Barbell Curl, force out the last few reps of each set, 4 x 12.

One Arm DB Triceps Kickback, drive the DB as high as possible, 4 x 8.
One Arm DB Triceps Extension, lock out hard, 4 x 6.

Regular Deadlift, 4 x 6.
No squats in this one, so work the deadlift hard. 



Barbell Upright Row, two breaths between each rep, 3 x 12.
Seated PBN, slowly, 4 x 8.
Standing Side Lateral, all the way up over the head, 4 x 6.
Bench Press, 8,8,4,4,2,2,1,1.
When you see this rep layout, calculate your total tonnage for all eight sets and try to beat it each workout. You know how this works! Reps x Weight = number to beat next time. 
Barbell Curl, 8,8,4,4,2,2,1,1.
One Arm DB Triceps Extension, strict, 6 x 4.
Squat, two breaths between each rep, 4 x 6.
Standing Calf, three foot angle placements, 9 x 10.
Regular Deadlift, add weight each set, 4 x 2.



Barbell Incline Press, wide grip, high on chest, two deep breaths between each rep, 3 x 10.
Barbell Bench Press, remember that total tonnage deal? 8,8,4,4,2,2,1,1.
Stiff Arm Barbell Pullover, deep breathing, 3 x 15.
Regular Deadlift, 8,4,2,2,1,1. Use that total tonnage thing here.
DB Concentration Curl, 6 x 8.
Lying Triceps Extension, 8,8,4,4. Total tonnage, try to beat your record each time.
Squat, 8,4,2,1. Total tonnage. 
Standing Calf, 6 x 25.
Seated Front Press, 4 x 6.
Seated Side Lateral, all the way up over head, lower slowly, 4 x 8. 


Breathing pullovers, light weight, warmup, 3 x 20.
Bench Press, 4 sets wide, 4 sets close, force out last reps, 8 x 8.
Bent Arm Pullover, breathe deeply, 4 x 10.

Lying Triceps Extension, 4 x 8.
One Arm DB Triceps Extension, 4 x 8.

Flat Bench Lying DB Curl, curl bells from the floor, 6 x 8.
Seated DB Side Lateral, bring to shoulder level, 4 x 8.

DB Round the Worlds, 4 x 8: 
Lay on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand, resting on your upper thighs. Now bring them up (arms straight) over the head (mimic doing a lateral raise while lying down). Then swing them outward, down along your sides in a circular motion, bringing the dumbbells back to the starting position (below the chest) Squeeze chest muscles together and repeat. 
Leg Raise off Bench, 4 x 12.
Lying Barbell Triceps Kickback, 4 x 8: 
Very light bar, palms up, laying face down on bench extend or drive the bar straight back in back of head and flex triceps hard. 

ROUTINE SIX  Increasing the Bench Press - Five days per week.


Bench Press, regular grip, warmup, 2 x 10.
Bench Press, 10 x 6,4,2,1: 
Heavy/Light system - 2 sets of 6, 2 sets of 4, 2 x 2, 1 single. 


Heavy Quarter Bench Press, 5 x 8: 
Use 50-100 lbs. over your best bench press. Bend the elbows slightly and lower the bar 1/4 of the way down and then lock out. Do these in a power rack with the pins set slightly below the 1/4 down point for safety. Don't touch the bar to the bottom pins. 

Bench Press, 5 singles, close to max poundage.

Heavy One Eighth Bench Press, 3 x 4 reps: 
Use 100-150 lbs. over your best bench press. Very, very slight elbow bend and then lock out. 

Bench Press, 5 x 2 reps, close to max poundage. 


Barbell Incline Press, wide grip, 4 x 6.
DB Incline Press, slow cadence, 4 x 6.
Light breathing pullovers, 6 x 20.
Flat Flyes, deep breathing, 4 x 8. 

Every two weeks try for a limit Bench Press. The poundages listed for the partials are meant to be 20-40% over single training max numbers. 

ROUTINE SIX - Calf and Forearm Sample Layouts


Reverse EZ Curl, slow cadence, 4 x 8.
One Arm DB Wrist Curl, 4 x 15: 
Load one dumbbell to a usable poundage that you can get 15 reps with. Place the dumbbell at the foot of the bench. Straddle the foot of the bench while facing the dumbbell. Reach down with one hand and take an off-center (thumb set firmly against the inside plate), palm up grip. For a solid base of support lay the back of the forearm (from the elbow to the wrist) along the top of the thigh, with the hand and the lower part of the wrist extending off the end of the knee. Twist or lean your torso forward and to the outside until the upper arm and shoulder of the working arm is parallel to the floor, or as near as you can make it. Remain in this position as you prepare to perform the wrist curl.

Contract the forearm muscles and flex the wrist, curling the dumbbell up as high as possible (you should be able to attain about a 60 degrees to horizontal position). Pause for a 2-second count at this peak contraction position. S-L-O-W-L-Y lower the hand downward so that it hyperextends below the edge of the knee.

By leaning the shoulder and upper arm of the working hand to a parallel to the floor position you'll notice a much stronger muscle contraction in the belly of the forearm as compared to doing it the regular way. 

Both photos, Dave Draper:

Expander Cable Reverse Curl, 4 x 12.
Squeeze Rubber Ball, 4 x 40.

Another Sipes forearm routine is here:


Standing Calf Raise, 5 x 20.
One Leg Standing Calf Raise, 4 x 20.
10-Count Calf Raise, 4 x 10 count: 
After each set of one legged raises lean against a wall and flex the calves hard, high on the toes, for a 10 count.
Standing Calf Raise (again), 5 x 10/20: 
10 full reps followed by 20 pumping burns high on the toes. 


Four Days a Week


Seated PBN, 4 x 8 (see first routine for performance description) 
Standing Side Lateral, 3 x 8.
Barbell Shrug, 4 x 8. 
Barbell Incline Press, 3 x 10.
Bench Press, 6,6,4,4,2,2, one single.
Wide Grip Pulldown, 3 x 10
Light Breathing Pullovers, 3 x 15
Cheat BB Curl, 5 x 4.
Preacher Curl, 5 x 8
Regular Deadlift, two breaths between each rep, 4 x 4
Three Position Calf Raise, 6 x 15.


Squat, 4 x 8.
Standing Calf Raise, 20 burns after 20 regular reps completed, 3 x 20.
Leg Extension, 2 x 12: 
Use the Pause/No Pause method here (see Routine Two for description). 
Leg Curl, Pause/No Pause, 2 x 8.
Weighted Incline Situp, 4 x 15.

Lying Triceps Extension, 5 x 8
One Arm DB Triceps Extension, 5 x 6.

Dip, 4 x 8
Power Clean, 4 x 4.


Four Days a Week


Squat, 6,6,4,4,2,2.
Bench, 6,6,4,4,2,2.
Regular Deadlift, 6,6,4,4,2,2.
Barbell Shrug, 4 x 8.
Cheat Curl, 4 x 6.
Preacher Curl, 5 x 10.
Incline Situp, 3 x 20
Leg Raise off Bench, 4 x 15.
Overhead Press, 5 x 6.
Incline Flye, 3 x 8.
Standing Calf,  4 x 20.


Heavy Quarter Bench Press, 5 x 8.
Heavy Quarter Squat, 5 x 8
Stiff Legged Deadlift, 5 x 4.
Behind the Neck Chin, 6 x 6.

Dip, 5 x 8.
Lying Triceps Extension, 5 x 8.
Incline Situp, 5 x 20.
Front Bend, 2 x 100
Side Bend, 50 slow, 50 fast, 2 x 100.
Standing Calf Raise, 6 x 20.






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