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Obtaining That Finished Physique - Anthony Ditillo

Courtesy of Liam Tweed,
who keeps on finding these gems in his collection! 

Size alone is terribly impressive. The buildings and skyscrapers of New York will prove this point most readily. On the other hand, size, with shape, is magnificent! Try comparing the pyramids with the Sistine Chapel. Get the picture? Yes, because of the lack of land space, today, our modern cities have built up, up, to gigantic size and impressiveness. And so it is in other phases of city life. Housing projects, city playgrounds, schools, all growing larger and larger to fit our growing and ever-searching quest for size. 

And so it is in bodybuilding. 

Let us look at our heroes of today's physical culture world, Pearl, Park, Scott, Casey, Roberson, Todd, etc. All have one thing in common -- they all have gigantic size! Their basic body shapes may be so different. The amount of fat they allow themselves to carry varies also. The training philosophy and purposes thereof may be different in nature also, but they all have one or two things in common. Every man mentioned is strong. Every man mentioned is large. Stronger and larger, probably, than you I.

A sixteen inch arms is not going to win you that contest today, not unless you happen to be 5'1" in height. Nor is a 200 lb. bench press going to bring rounds of applause from your friends (if they happen to train also). No. Today, to become known as a physical culture success one must be large and muscular and strong. 

Some fellows become large and forget the muscular and strong. They eat their way to obesity and eventual oblivion (unless they learn to control their diets). Others become strong and feel that's all there is to it. Sure, most of them look pretty good; the heavyweights look tremendous, but how would you like to lose your girl on the beach to a guy who did PEC PUMPS while you sweated through squats and cleans? You see, once again the formula is incomplete. Once again something is missing. 

I feel the third party on the dock, the Muscle Pumper, is just as guilty, if not more so, than the aforementioned two. Just as number one, the fat man ruins his health by overeating, so does Mr. Pump ruin his health by swelling himself with poisonous wastes and ruins his endurance by training for hours on end using his 'nerves' alone. At least No. 2 (the weightlifter) has muscles that can do things. At least he has more to show for his efforts than a seventeen inch arm (lied about, and said to be 18.5).      

Yet, with all their shortcomings, and narrowed down endeavors, each one of our three examples has one point for the good on his side. By putting all three ingredients together, a healthy fellow, with intense desire, should be able to climb very far on the ladder of success in the physique world, or at least farther than he would had he not tried what is suggested here. 

The big eater (No. 1) has one advantage in building muscles should he ever care to try, over the thin, slight eater. That is, his appetite is conducive to muscle building. A pound or two of beef is not too much for one meal, to him. Nor are the two to three quarts of milk he consumes in a day. Put him on a good, wholesome diet, make him exercise like mad and he just has to grow. It is not the amount of food he eats but the kind of food and lack of exercise that makes the big eater the slob that he is today.

The strength athlete (No. 2), also has one very outstanding characteristic on his side, and put to use by a physique man it should surely help him. The power trainer has, by necessity of his sport, tremendous muscle power. Heavy supports, heavy benches, rows, squats, an all-consuming desire to shove up that ever-present goal of an outstanding total. Our man literally thrills to the feel of heavy iron laying on his chest or back and fighting with it and finally winning. 

He has no desire or need to pump his pecs! How could he, after 10 to 15 sets of heavy supine presses? He has no desire to sit under a lat machine, heavy rows having taken care of that! No. Our man has more important things on his mind like developing muscles that can push or pull when he tells them to and quite frequently he does! Still, for all his power, very few power men can develop the physique of a bodybuilding champion without first losing some and then training like an intelligent bodybuilder would, with higher reps and more varied exercises. In short, Anderson will never, and could never look like Scott. If Scott had Anderson' power, and used that power to handle heavier weights for more reps and sets, I believe our "Mr. Great" would be even greater today.

Last but not least, we come to No. 3, Mr. Muscles. Granted, he hasn't the power of No. 2, or the size and thickness; still he does have (or should have) a better knowledge of nutrition, and his lumps (however developed) are still impressive to the eye. And if he doesn't overtrain, but instead builds up his capacity for work, he will eventually build up his endurance to a very high level of health. 

And there we have it. Two different types of training and a ferocious appetite which put together should give outstanding results. 

The following routine and diet are not for the beginner or the man who is too thin (he should bulk up first), nor are they for the man who is currently too fat (he must first lose some weight). No, this fine routine and dietary regime is for the above average bodybuilder with at least three years' experience, who would like more of the massive muscularity of Pearl or Park and some of the power and strength of Schemansky. Also, he must realize his own potential, and that he will probably never equal any of these great but at least he will surely have a body which is muscular and powerful and of which he can be proud.  

A four day per week routine should be just right, with two days for power work, two days to pump, and three days of rest. Also, the whole body should be worked each training period, ending up with some pure endurance work such as running, rope skipping etc. 

On the power days do one exercise per bodypart, 5 sets of 5 repetitions with one warmup set of 20 reps. The reps should be performed correctly and slowly and weight should be added to the bar whenever possible. Rest pauses should be taken between reps as this allows more weight to be handled. Also, liberal rest periods during this workout are permissible and desirable. Do not allow anything or anyone to rush you during this workout. Power needs Rest! The more you rest between sets the heavier your can train. The two go hand in hand. 

On your bodybuilding days, train just the opposite. I would suggest 2 to 3 movements per bodypart, and use a medium weight, completing each rep correctly but with some rhythm and speed. 3 sets per exercise should not be too much, and reps are not important, within reason. Just continue each set until the muscles say they've had enough. Whether the reps are 10 or 20, as long as you perform each set to a maximum burnout, the results will be the same and very satisfying. Your rest periods must be as short as possible, and your whole routine should not take more than 1.5 hours. If it takes any longer you are either resting too long or the weights are too heavy. Both must coincide for proper results.


Before invoking any dietary combination of food and supplements, I would like a few words with you readers on food needs, usage, calories, etc.

When following a course such as I have outlined, you will be using up a great deal of energy and you will also need a great deal of nutrients. If you have a low metabolism, naturally plump and smooth, I would suggest a 1500-1800 calorie diet which should enable you to lose a few pounds of excess tissue while your strength increases from the power work and your muscles become more defined from the pumping workouts and your health and endurance improve during the entire affair. The diet should stress high protein intake, medium natural carbohydrate and low fat; also a high potency vitamin/mineral supplement taken three times per day. I do not feel a protein supplement is necessary as your system is in low gear, by nature, and absorbs food more completely than the average man. This, then, should insure a proper protein intake, if enough is eaten during the day.

On the other hand, if you're the high metabolic type (naturally defined and thin) then you need a more high powered diet regimen to compare with your high powered ability to burn up energy. A diet high in calories as well as supplements is the order for the day. 4,000-5,000 calories per day are needed; more if possible. If appetite is poor and not much food bulk possible to consume (which is not always the case for the high metabolic-rate bodybuilder), then smaller more frequent meals with the accent on liquid intake should ensure him of obtaining enough nutrients to grow on. A high multiple vitamin intake is also necessary and desirable, and in this instance a protein supplement also helps to gain that much needed size. This way, the two power workouts enable his strength and muscle thickness to increase while the pump days keep the muscles defined and appealing, while he also benefits health-wise from the endurance involved. Thus both these types obtain results from the same routines; the only difference being an adherence to their natural body type and adjustment of nutrients ingested so as to cope with nature's law of body types.

A Sample Diet

For those with low metabolism (the beefy, thick, fat fellow): You should eat as much as possible during the daily meals of the following - beef, poultry, fish, eggs, fruit juices, fresh fruits, whole wheat bread, butter, skim milk.

The thin fellow, whose metabolism is high,can eat: milk, cheese, thick soups, ice cream, pies, whipped cream, all vegetables, fruits, beef, fish, eggs, poultry, fruit juices. In short, eat anything of good quality that he can fit into his mouth.

I also have a drink which, if used faithfully, will surely put on those needed pounds. 

The Ditillo Special

One box Knox gelatin (4 pk.)
Note: this was used as a protein supplement back then
1.5 pints ice cream
2 bananas
4 tbsp honey
1 pint cream
1 pint half and half 
4 tbsp brewers yeast
1 jigger chocolate syrup

This should be kept in the fridge and sipped throughout the day. Plenty of calories are involved! 

A Sample Power Day

Bench Press - 5 x 5, 1 x 20 warmup
Parallel Squat - 5 x 5, 1 x 20 warmup
Rowing - 5 x 5, 1 x 20 warmup
Weighted Dips - 5 x 5, 1 x 20 warmup
Weighted Situps - 5 x 5, 1 x 20 warmup

There you have worked the major muscles of the body, even the midsection, quite vigorously. 

A Sample Bodybuilding Day

3 sets each, medium weight.

Chest - flyes, pullovers, pushups
Delts - press behind neck, lateral raises, upright rowing
Back - lat machine, pullups, dumbbell swings
Biceps - barbell curls, dumbbell curls, concentration curls
Triceps - French press, dumbbell triceps press, triceps bench dips
Abs - situps, leg raises, side bends
Thighs - full squat, leg curl, leg extension
Calves - calf raise, one-legged calf raise, seated calf raise.

Train long, Train hard,
Obtain the Finished Physique! 


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