Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Here's two shoulder routines.They can be used as a 'cycle' of several weeks each. Or one can be a Heavy Day and the other a Light Day workout.

Whatever. Do whatever you want with these two shoulder routines.
Most importantly . . .

Routine Number One

 Seated Barbell Press:
Work up to 2 x 6 reps, long rest. Go heavy.   

Seated Barbell Press:
2 x 6, superset with 
(Moderate amount of "push") Push Press, 2 x failure. Same weight for both.

Seated Side Lateral:
3 x 8, superset with
Standing DB Lateral:
3 x failure. Cheat out the last few. Same bells for both.  

Seated Alternate DB Front Raise:
3 x 8. One goes up while the other goes down.

Incline DB Rear Lateral: 
3 x 8. 

Routine Number Two

Seated DB Side Lateral:
2 x 12, superset with
Seated DB Press:
2 x 10.

Standing DB Side Lateral:
2 x 12 superset with
2 x 10

Seated DB Alternate Front Raise:
3 x 10, 12, 15.

Incline DB Rear Lateral: 
3 x 10, 12, 15.

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