Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Hands Dumbell Swing With Split - Steve Stanko

Two Hands Dumbell Swing with Split
by Steve Stanko

The Two Hands Swing is an OLD favorite of many weight trainees, and it really is a great exercise that promotes fitness, muscular coordination and agility.

The exercise is done with a pair of dumbells, although heavy dumbells are not required to obtain benefits from the movement . . . at least not until one becomes thoroughly accustomed to the movement. Naturally, as your strength and ability improve, along with your speed and timing, somewhat heavier dumbells can be incorporated. Remember, maximum benefits from this exercise can be expected only when it is done smoothly and correctly. In the process, of course, one becomes better fit, while the legs, shoulders and low back get beneficial work, that is, if enough repetitions with enough weight are done.

To be effective, the exercise should be repeated no less than 10 repetitions while executing the complete movement. To begin, the dumbells should be placed on the floor in front of the lifter, although in some cased the trainee may prefer the dumbells to be on the outside of the legs. Still others may prefer starting with the feet wider apart and the dumbells placed between them. This, however, is simple a matter of preference of style, and which style suits the individual best.

In any case, after the dumbells are in place, the lifter reaches down and, with a combination of back, leg and shoulder power, the dumbells are swung overhead while splitting the feet fore and aft. To get the most from the exercise one should alternate the leg action, that is, the right foot is advanced forward, then the left foot is put forward on the next repetition. This alternate leg action provides more exercise and improves timing and ability.

When the dumbells are swung overhead they are then brought down either on the outside of the thighs or between them, and swung up again until at least 10 counts have been performed. By this time you should find yourself breathing forcibly, while your legs, low back, abdomen and shoulders should feel the effects of the movement.

This exercise is also an excellent warmup movement, although others have employed it to conclude their workout in an effort to involve as many muscles at one time to improve their coordination . . . and this exercise will do just that, especially when the feet are alternated in the splitting action.

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