Tuesday, July 23, 2019

365 Days of Brutality - Jamie Lewis

You gotta get this book.
I shit you not. 

True strength is feared, reviled, marginalized, and demonized. Self-reliance is lambasted as exclusionary and sociopathy. Self improvement in the modern era has become the disgusting field of "self help," which is naught but excuse-making and pseudoscience. True self improvement is considered at best to be self-indulgent and at worst to be self-destructive solipsism, when it is in fact neither.

This book is not designed for me to "help me, help you" -- this book is designed for you to grab your balls or ovaries, head to the gym, and smash some iron in a manner inspired by the greats. In a way that allows you to look at the dickheads in your gym who are punching a clock like Soviet factory workers while utilizing some garbage program created for long dead, half starved Russian field hands and laugh, because you will succeed where they failed on your own merit. 

And you will do so by training hard, enjoying it as you do so, and doing it with the goddamn volume turned up to 11.   

To wrap up . . . 

This is not your sport. It's the sport of the people who came before you. People who didn't define themselves by a particular weightlifting discipline but instead just lifted 

and busted their asses



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