Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

Tonight when we turn back our clocks it might be a good time to remember something. Something of great importance that affects the way we perform any and all of the countless exercise movements and lifts that will make up the totality of our Iron Game endeavors, from day one to that final session before moving on. What I speak of here is the enormous debt we all owe those who preceded us.

Without their experience, persistent experimentation and willingness to freely and openly share what was learned we wouldn't have much more than a clue. When reading these articles and gaining info, do try to remember the knowledge within them didn't come cheap, but was a reward for labors that ultimately resulted (after countless failures you can be certain) in what have now come to be accepted as successful ways to achieve increased power and strength.

I would like to take this moment to personally thank the long and interconnected line of originators living and dead who have been gracious enough to pass on what they learned.

Dale Credico.
Feel free to write me at any time on the subject of lifting, and if you have requests or recommendations for training info pertinent to this blog please don't hesitate to mention it. All fitting magazines and books sent will gladly be transcribed, entered and returned.

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