Monday, November 15, 2021

Workout Rotation and Twice a Week Training - John Humphrys


Here's a very individual layout that uses several quick lifts, combined with many other moves from different points in the history of lifting. The author shows that decades upon decades of training will lead you to designing your own programs by finding what works for you, when it works, as well as for how often and how long, providing you analyze and think about your training and current abilities. 

Experience is the greatest teacher. 
Thank you for sharing yours! 

Three years ago I began doing a version of this. Long ago I found that a 3-workout rotation of exercises, twice a week training, worked well for me, giving me a week-and-a-half rest before the same exercise came up. 

Then, forward many years . . . I found that my training menu of squats, high pulls, snatches, clean & jerks, and deadlifts was making my lower back chronically sore. So I spread out the exercises in the following pattern, continuing to work out twice a week. 

(Day 1) - Squat, Rader Pulls, Jerk Pess, Clean & Jerk, Side Press, Calf Raise. 

(2) Clean and Presses - triples, Power Clean, Snatch, Incline Triceps, Ab Roller.

(3) Olympic Deadlift, Jerk Behind Neck, C + J, Calf Raise, Incline DB Curls.

(4) Clean and Presses - fives, Hise Shrug, Snatch, Lat Machine, Ab Roller.

(5) Squat, Rader Pulls, C + J, Side Press, Calf Raise.

(6) Clean and Press - max, Power Snatch, High Pulls, Incline Curls, Ab Roller.

(7) Olympic Deadlift, Shrugs, Lat Machine, Calf Raise.

(8) Power Clean, Quarter Press, Snatch, One-Arm Preacher Curl, Ab Roller.  

Note: Here's Bill Starr on fitting all the exercises you want to do into a program, for another take on how it's done.

"Variation: You Wanna Whole Lotta Lift:

Enjoy Your Lifting! 


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