Saturday, November 13, 2021

Beyond Failure Training, Part Four - Trevor Smith


Now that the chest and calves have been thoroughly trashed we have to realize that the complimentary muscle groups (delts and tris) have also received a good amount of work. For this reason, it is important to finish them off within 24 hours of chest so that you get optimum recovery time for the muscle groups. The logic is quite simple. If you spread out chest and shoulders throughout the week you wind up screwing yourself in terms of recovery time and they quickly become over-trained. 

Every time you work chest, you are hitting delts and tris and vice versa, so in a perfect world you would hit everything together on the same day, but it is just not physically possible with Beyond Failure training, and if you re one of those idiots that thinks you are tougher than everyone, special and can do it, go right ahead and enjoy your shoulder and triceps workout, because if you REALLY hit chest properly, you won't be able to lift your arms, let alone do any specific work for shoulders and triceps. Now, on to the training . . . 

Following the same principles as above we want to completely trash the delts so that when we go to a pressing movement, so that when we go to a pressing movement, the triceps don't give out first and leave us with understimulated shoulders. To accomplish this we will do single arm cable or machine laterals. Again, you pick a weight that will allow you to fail on your own at rep 8 or 10. At this point your trusty partner will assist your through an additional 8 reps by grabbing your wrist and going through the movement with you. At this point we again drop the weight and continue the same cycle and when your post-failuire 8 reps are done you do a drop and repeat the cycle. Do 2 sets in this fashion. Then move over to front presses on the smith machine.

Your delts should be thoroughly hammered so I suggest one set here. Again follow the same principles as above. Hit 8 reps on your own and have your partner assist you to bet more (I cannot be specific with the rep range here because it is difficult to spot on this exercise if the weight is heavy. It would be great to have 2 people spot your here because they could each get on one side of the machine and assist for an additional 8 reps and then strip the weight for you . . . but that is often a difficult task . . . I have a hard time getting one person to spot me correctly. One of these days I am going to find a reliable training partner that isn't an asshole, but that day has yet to come.

At any rate, afer the 8 reps past failure are complete, strip and continue to failure, then 6-8 more assisted, then strip again, continue to failure and then 8 more and you should be dead. That's it for shoulders. 

The triceps are next and here I suggest no more than 2 sets of a machine exercise (for ease in spotting) in the same fashion as above; once failure is hit, you get assistance for 8 more reps beyond failure, then drop the weight, repeat, then drop the weight again and repeat. 

At this point your delts and tris are done. GO HOME. Now, before you even ask, NO you don't have to hit rear delts, because you already did. Beyond failure training causes the ENTIRE muscle group that is being worked (and a lot of others as well) to be brought into the mix and thoroughly destroyed. No more specific muscle group targeting. If you really and truly hit the entire muscle group as hard as humanly possible, to the point of nausea and collaple, every part of that muscle will be worked . . . trust me.

The body likes to work as a unit and that goes for each muscle group as well. Pointing your toes inward or outward on leg extensions is fucking nonsense. Once you go into the no-man's land of Beyond Failure training, every fiber in your leg is screaming in agony and working equally as hard to fight through the torture it is receiving. Do you really think that teardrops will only be working if your toes are pointed out? Please, once failure starts on the teardrops the outer quads pick up the slack because they are FORCED to, no matter where your toes are pointing. Keep it simple: Pick an exercise, take it to a level of complete, absolute and beyond failure and I guarantee it will be completely stumulated. 

Next . . . we finish the body with back and bis and talk about potential problems that may be encountered with Beyond Failure training. 

Enjoy Your Lifting! 


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