Sunday, November 7, 2021

11/11/11 2021


A Tribute to Sacrifice

Prospering in your sheltered ease,
Bought by bitter agonies of war,
Ye who see this year of peace
Cross the threshold of your door,
Ask yourselves the reason why
Countless warriors had to die? 

Ask yourselves the cost in gold,
In blood, in bitterness and woe
Of those dark days whose tale is told
In burning heat and frigid snow.
Then, pay the meed to heroes given
Whose flame of glory shines to heaven.

Keep faith with those, the sacred host,
Who left their shattered forms to rest
'Neeth distsant, foreign skies and lost
All you have gained that they possessed.
They gave you all that they could give,
And by their sacrificial death you live -- 
"And they shall live forevermore." 

 - T. B. Windross

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