Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Greatest Workout in the World - Larry Scott

Need a little zip in your training? 

Good! Because I'm going to show you something that is not only effective but it's a lot of fun. The main reason it's fun is . . . because you make better gains without working as hard. 

Little doubtful? 

Well wait till you try it. I think you'll change your tune. 

This isn't something I just dreamed up either. It's based on sound research. You'll see, once you give it a try.

Let me tell you a little about the research before I tell you about the program. Dr. William Kreamer on the board of the National Strength Training Association was given funding by the U.S. Army to discover what type of exercise program and what type of exercises caused the greatest growth hormone and testosterone release. 

Among other things, he found out that minimum rest time between sets as well as full body exercises like squats were the best for releasing GH. He also learned that at least 10 reps per set were needed to reach peak GH release.

On the other hand, in a previous study done several years earlier which was also reported in a National Strength Training journal it was determined that 6 reps was best for overall size and strength. 

Okay, we have an idea of the reps and the rest time . . . Now let's consider intensity. I don't have to do any studying to know what to do here. I know from my own experience that one of the sets should be as heavy as possible and at least one of the sets has to go to failure at 10 reps plus, to assure maximum intensity. 

Now, how long should the workout last? 
Well, let's go to another expert.

In a study done by Mirtres Bruni and reported in Life Sciences in 1985, it was showed that GH release in response to exercise begins immediately upon onset of exercise and peaks somewhere about 27 minutes after the start of exercise, and diminishes to almost nothing after an hour and fifteen minutes. So we begin to get the idea that we can't dawdle around . . . we have to really zip through this thing. 

Okay, we throw all these things together and we come up with a workout that looks like this: 

 - Needs to be done in about 40 minutes max.

 - We should have 6 to 8 reps per set for maximum size. 

 - We want to minimize rest between sets so it looks like we've done higher reps. This way we can keep ourselves up into the GH release zone. 
 - We'll start heavy for the first set then . . . go real heavy the next set then . . . drop the weight on the last set so you can get more than 10 reps before failure. This way it will appear as if we are always using maximum weight. This will assure us of maximum intensity.

 - We won't let anybody help us with our "failure set" so we can get extra GH release from the adrenaline factor as well. 

Okay, does that all make sense? If it does, we're ready to go! 

Now, let's divide up the body . . . 

We've got 10 body parts to work . . . but there's no way we can work all of them on just one workout and get done in 40 minutes.

So, let's divide the workout in half. But before I do that let's determine how many sets we should use.

I don't know why it's true but, for some reason the human mechanism psyche thrives on threes. There is just something wonderful about threes. Two's aren't quite enough and four's are just . . . too much. You know the theme . . . everything's repeated three times. 

Even Goldilocks had a feel for the value of threes. "This bed's too hard, this bed's too soft, but this bed's just right." You get my point? I know, I know, it sounds corny but it works. So let's plan on using 3 sets.

Okay, that's the easy part, now, we have to design the hard part. We want to get through the body in two days but we also want to work the entire body and that's not just 10 body parts . . . we have to hit each body part from each angle using both the pulling and the pushing motions. This starts to get complicated! Because some body parts have 6 sub parts to cycle in and some have only two. For example . . . we have high, mid and low chest with both pushing and pulling movements. The other body parts aren't so bad . . . back has only 5 with 2 pushing and 3 pulling, delts have only 4 with 3 pulling and one pushing. And so on . . . 

So, we have to consider all these things if we are going to design the perfect workout using this new Minimum Time, Maximum Growth concept. 

I know it gets a little confusing but don't worry, I am going to give you the actual workout anyway but I'm sharing the details with you because I know a lot of you guys want to know the nuts and bolts of how things work so you can begin to build your own airplane and fly by yourself. 

I understand, believe me, I understand.

Now, how do we select which exercises should go with each day? That, my friend, comes with experience. You'll have to just trust me. 

So, here's the first week of the blueprint. 


Okay, that's one week of the system. In order to get through the entire body using all the pushing and pulling movements you will have to use a minimum of 12 days of training. 

I've given you the blueprint as to how the system works . . . I'll leave it up to you to design the second week. 

Now, I know that 6 days a week without using some of that illegal stuff would wear you right down to a frazzle in nothing flat. But with this program you're only blasting away for 30 to 40 minutes so . . . it's not that hard on your nervous system.

In fact it's actually fun. 

Granted, you have to say hello to some real pain on the "failure" set of each exercise but it's always a little exciting to flirt with pain . . . just so long as you can control when it comes and goes. 

Okay guys, that's it. Try it. I know you are going to like it. It's a lot of fun and you're in and out of the gym real quick. It's great for the summer months. Remember, there are other things in life besides seeing how big you can get. So . . . 

Take time to Work, it's the price of success.
Take time to Think, it's the source of power.
Take time Play, it's the secret of youth.
Take time to Read, it's the foundation of knowledge.
Take time to Dream, it hitches the soul to the stars.
Take time to Pray, it's the greatest power on earth. 

Enjoy Your Lifting! 


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