Wednesday, October 13, 2021

It Is Not Complicated - Peary Rader (1958)


So often readers will follow our articles month after month and will never get the point of what we are trying to put over. Actually, all they read for is to be entertained and to hear that others have made big gains and that they can make them too if they try. 

They will take their workouts haphazardly.

They will follow the diet advice in the same manner, and then wonder why they don't gain.

When we say you must work hard we mean HARD.     

When we say you must use heavy weights we mean HEAVY WEIGHTS. 

When we say you must push yourself we mean you must DRIVE YOURSELF UNMERCIFULLY. 

When we say you must drink four quarts of milk we do not mean two.

When we ask you to eat more food, we mean MORE FOOD, not a canary diet.

If we tell you to eat five meals a day, we do not mean two skimpy ones per day.

We know that many of you follow advice in this indifferent manner and you will not gain as long as you do. 

Let this be a turning point in your training. 

Make a resolution to go "all out" and become a superman. 

Enjoy Your Lifting!   

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