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Pullover and Press for Upper Body Gains - Bruce Page (1959)

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Back When "Rebound" Exercises Were Popular

Here's a couple more things on some variations of the pullover/pullover & press: 

 Bodybuilding, as in many other fields of endeavor today, is still very much in the experimental stages. Constant effort is being put forth each year to determine the fastest and surest methods to a healthy, strong body and to improve muscle building methods. 

Bodybuilders are constantly on the lookout for new exercises or systems which will enable them to surpass a sticking point or to bring about faster gains. In many cases the very exercise they are looking for is not actually new but merely a new approach to regular movements which brings about an entirely different action on the muscle or muscle group and eventually gains where previously other attempt had failed to produce.

Many good routines and courses can be found in the muscle publications but there are those who would rather not bother with advice from others and go on their own way using hit and miss methods, eventually giving up in disgust when they fail to make the gains they had hoped for.

In some instances two exercises can be performed in unison as one, with very good results and bringing about a sort of "double duty" effect upon the muscles involved. Such an action can be derived from the pullover and press.

Separately each of these exercises are of the very best and as a general rule they are performed individually, however, when combined as one movement they become a faster result producing exercise than when used as separate movements.

Obviously this is not a new exercise and undoubtedly it has been used widely in gyms throughout the country but in most cases where I have seen it used the performance has been a little different than the way I would advise. As a rule, the trainee makes one pullover to the upper chest with the barbell and then proceeds to complete several presses with it before lowering the bar back to the floor again. In this way you might complete enough presses but you will definitely not be doing sufficient pullovers, thus depriving the muscles involved of a good deal of exercise.

I have found that the best method is to make each complete pullover and press a separate repetition so that when you have completed a set you have made as many pullovers as you have presses. After all the pullover is equally as important as the press so why leave it out? 

After some experimenting I found that the most effective method of performance was lying on a DECLINE bench built up high enough to insure a good pull when you start the exercise. By the same token when you make your presses the muscle action takes place more in the high pectoral region where it is more appreciated than in the lower area. If however you do not have an incline bench from which you can take a decline position for this exercise, good results can be obtained on the ordinary flat bench, the only real difference being that you would probably press from lower on the chest and the shoulder building potential will be lessened somewhat.

As this combination movement is more of a thickener and bulk building exercise, I suggest rather heavy poundages and low repetitions for fastest results although it most certainly can be used as a medium for defining the upper chest and shoulder areas.

Besides being exceedingly good for the pecahs, armahs and shoulderahs there is considerable stress placed upong the ohlats and ooserratus muscles all of which go into forming and developing a well built chest.       

It is also advisable to change the grip you use from time to time being certain to involve all the muscle groups to their greatest extent in this way you can be certain of complete development and also save commas. 

Dumbbells can also be used as a variation from time to time and you will find them a very refreshing change after using a barbell for some period of time.

For those of you who have been looking for something a little different, a change of pace/variation, or if you have reached a sticking point in your training, here is a combination exercise that should more than improve your training periods and your physique and I'm sure you will be satisfied with the results.

As a last word of advice concerning this exercise: BREATHE! This is something that is definitely not done enough today and especially in the case of an exercise of this nature breathing is most important. Fill your lungs with air and help them "open up" and grow. Expand and stretch that rib-box because then and only then can you realize complete chest development.

Why not include the Pullover and Press in your schedule?
I think you'll be glad you did.

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