Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Garage Gym Athlete by Jerred Moon (2016)

Table of Contents

Section One: Fitness Freedom

Chapter 1: What is a Garage Gym Athlete?
Chapter 2: Why Be a Garage Gym Athlete?
Chapter 3: The Great Mistakes
Chapter4: Ammunition: Helping Others See the Light
Chapter5: The Preamble: Canceling Gym Contracts and Saving Money
Chapter6: Your First Step: The Big Purcase
Chapter7: Your Second Step: Getting Ready
Chapter8: Your Third Step: DIY or Decide

Section Two: The Simple Life: DIY Projects

Chapter 9: Do if Yourself  - Do It Safely
Chapter10: How to Build a Plyometric Box
Chapter11: Build Your Own Power Rack
Chapter 12: DIY Wallball
Chapter 13: How to Build Parallettes
Chapter 14: How to Build a Slosh Pipe
Chapter 15: How to Build Jerk Boxes
Chapter 16: How to Make a DIY Prowler Sled
Chapter 17: DIY Pull-up Bar in 10 Minutes
Chapter 18: How to Build a Mini Deadlift Jack
Chapter 19: How to Build a Kettlebell in 36 Seconds
Chapter 20: Homemade Squat and Bench Press Stand
Chapter 21: Build Your Own Rings

Section Three: Train Like a Pro

Chapter 22: A Primer on Programming and Being an Athlete
Chapter 23: Save Your Time: Block Programming
Chapter 24: A Pro Knows How to Train Alone
Chapter 25: A Pro Knows How to Wake Up Early
Chapter 26: Are You Ready for Fitness Freedom? 

Bonus Chapter 1: Bodyweight Routines
Bonus Chapter 2: How to Automate Shopping for Garage Gym Equipment
Bonus Chapter 3: Barbell Buyers' Guide

Chapter 27: The Revolution


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