Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Low Volume Squat Routine - Monsieur Literary Lifter

Article Courtesy of Jay Trigg and The Author

First of all: Do your squats first.

Secondly: Do them three times a week.

Thirdly: Try for a max single, double or triple each workout.

Fourthly: Warm up with a few reps, then a few more reps with a slightly heavier weight.

Fifthly: Rest a lot between sets. 

Sixthly: Never exceed 20 total reps including warmup.

Seventhly: Go all the way down and pause. Each rep has to be perfect.

Eigthly: Once a week put 50 pounds over your max on the bar and do a few sets of however many reps you can safely get. Do whatever: parallel squats, quarter squats. Go as low as you can safely. You may want to do this just every two weeks.

Ninethly: Squat for three weeks and then don't squat for a week.

Tenthly: Do this for three months and be amazed. 

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