Friday, February 8, 2008

The Power Look - John McCallum

Bill March

Norbert Schemansky

Reg Park

Forget everything you ever heard about pumping and flushing and cramping and the rest of it.

Start with squats. Do a light set to warmup and then jump heavy. Do three reps. Add weight and do three more reps. Keep adding weight for each set until you can't make three reps. When you bog down add a few more pounds and do a couple of singles at that weight. Don't count the sets. Do as many as you feel like. Let your energy be the judge on that day.

Do bench presses next. Same way.

Rowing. do five sets of five. Start with your heaviest weight and drop down about ten pounds for each set. Use your legs a bit and pull hard.

The last exercise is progressive pulls. You start with power cleans. Start light and work up. Do three reps each set and when you can't make three then keep increasing the weight and do high pulls. Keep adding weight and when you can't make three high pulls start doing deadlifts. Do three reps in the deadlift until you can't make three. Add more weight and do a couple of singles.

Let your energy be the judge.

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