Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hand, Wrist, Forearm

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Top Photo - The wrist size of Tony Massimo.

Middle Photo - The almost unbelievable size of the flexor muscles of this unknown stage laborer pictured at top seems freakishly huge even though part of the arm is in the shadow. However, this man is not deformed and this is not a trick photograph.

Bottom Photo - The hand on the left is the hand of 6'2", 325 pound Terry Todd. It is dwarfed in every respect by the massive hand of August Hartkopf of Austin, Texas. August is 6'5" tall and weights around 285 pounds. His hands must be seen to be fully appreciated. He owns his own garage, specializes in drag racing, and can crumple a tin can like a paper cup or adjust a carburetor with the dexterity of an eye surgeon.

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