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Les Hasler Deadlift Routine

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Hepburn Challenge: From Sept. 1996 PLUSA.
The Doug's date of birth: Sept. 16, 1926.

Les Hasler deadlifting 705 in 1989
at Garry Benford's YMCA Nationals. 

The Deadlift is the King of the three competitive lifts. Whereas in the squat and bench press a person can use supportive equipment that takes three men and a boy to get on. The deadlift is a lift you can either do or can't do. The deadlift relies on a person's strength, rather than hi-tech equipment. As the saying goes, "the meet don't start until the weight hits the floor."

I have used various training methods over the years to improve my deadlift numbers. They have ranged from Vince Anello's program, where one does several singles with a short rest period

to high rep sessions.

The program I have used over the past several years is working up to a best triple a week before the meet. This routine brought me up to my present best meet deadlift of 735 pounds. A set of three should translate into approximately 75 pounds more for a single. If you can triple 600 comfortably, you should be able to pull 675 for a single in the meet.

I normally run a 12-16 week cycle, deadlifting once a week. As a warmup for the dead, I will do some light squats working up to 325 for a set of 5. I do a total of 5 sets in the deadlift as I feel that is enough work considering I squat twice a week which can stress the lower back.

As an assistance to the deadlift, I do rack pulls from the knee. I keep my feet narrow and do no more than three sets, keeping the reps VERY low as you can quickly overtrain. Do rack pulls every two weeks on your heavy squat day and pull about 150 over your deadlift weight for the week for a set of three, until two weeks out from the meet, where you will pull a single.

Take whatever time is necessary for stretching before AND after your workout. Do lots of weighted crunches as I feel strong stomach muscles work synergistically with a strong back. Finally, I like to do heavy arm curls to keep the biceps from possibly tearing during the deadlift.

In order to get a 600 lb. deadlift during a meet, this is the program I would recommend. I use straps the last six weeks on my last set because I do not want to worry about my grip. I just want to get the reps. This will not affect your grip during the meet.

You will notice that during the last few weeks there are big jumps in the weights, however, the reps are cut way down by the time you get to the last week to give your back plenty of recovery.

Good Luck!

Remember . . .

In Powerlifting, Less is More.

Week 12:
145x 10, 225x7, 275x5, 325x3, 360x10.
Rack Pulls (on heavy squat day): 525x3.

Week 11:
145x 10, 225x7, 275x5, 325x3,, 375x10.

Week 10:
145x 10, 225x7, 295x5, 345x3, 390x8.
Rack Pulls (on heavy squat day): 555x3.

Week 9:
145x 10, 225x7, 295x5, 345x3, 405x8.

Week 8:
145x 8, 225x7, 305x4, 365x3, 420x6.
Rack Pulls (on heavy squat day): 585x3.

Week 7:
145x8, 225x6, 315x4, 365x3, 435x6.

Week 6: 
145x8, 225x6, 315x4, 375x3, 450x5.
Rack Pulls (on heavy squat day): 605x2.

Week 5:
145x8, 235x6, 325x4, 405x3, 435x5.

Week 4:
145x7, 235x6, 325x3, 415x2, 480x4.
Rack Pulls (on heavy squat day): 635x2.

Week 3:
145x7, 245x5, 335x2, 425x1, 495x4.

Week 2:
145x6, 245x4, 335x2, 435x1, 510x3
Rack Pulls (on heavy squat day): 665x1.

Week 1:
145x6, 245 x3, 345x1, 445x1, 525x3.

Opener: 500
Second: 550
Third: 600. 


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