Saturday, May 26, 2018

Two One-Dumbbell Workouts


No problem. I'm trying to say here's two workouts that both use just one dumbbell.
You might wanna start with a 20-40 pounder. Find out what size bell you're good for.

Okay. Here's a pic of a dumbbell. If there's a rack of these where you work out
it's time to find a new gym. Something more modern. With electricity. Indoor plumbing.
Non-papyrus toilet paper and a protein supplement that's not beetle larvae based.
Get with the program, Man!
Stop spending so much time at The Home of the Two Dollar Lap Dance and
find a better equipped gym already. 

One Dumbbell Workout One
(30 minutes) 

 Set your timer, wall clock or sand dial for 30 minutes  and do as many rounds as possible of this circuit in that time. All with the one dumbbell, of course. Rest as little as possible and work on working harder when you're playing with your weights. 

1) One Arm Squat to Shoulder Press, 10 per side: 
Hold the DB just over your shoulder as you perform a squat and go right into an overhand press at the top. One fluid movement, keeping your core tight and the whole movement under control.

2) One Arm Floor Chest Flye, 8 per side: 
Lie on, duh, the ceiling . . . no . . . the wall . . . THE FLOOR, and touch your upper arm to the floor every rep without letting it rest at the bottom position. Keep the elbow bent slightly and keep the movement slow and controlled as you raise the bell until it's directly above your shoulder, arm straight. 

3) Turkish Getup, 4 per side: 
If you don't know how to do this move, find out. 

4) Sumo Squat to Upright Row, 8 reps
Hold one end of the dumbbell with both hands, palms facing you, more or less, just as long as you find a comfortable two-hand grip. Keep your feet spread wide and toes pointed outward on both the squat and row parts. The range of motion should be dumbbell touching the floor at the squat-bottom, up to the chin at the top-a-the-row.   

5) One Arm Plank to Row, 6 per side: 
From a plank position with one hand on the floor and the other on the handle of the dumbbell (palm facing inward), pull the DB straight up to your side and slowly lower it back down. Keep your chest facing the floor throughout -- don't twist the torso at the top.

6) Weighted Crunch, 12 reps: 
Depending on who you are at this point in time's cycling illusion (yawn), either hold the dumbbell on your chest with both hands or overhead with your arms extended. 

One Dumbbell Workout Two
(15 Minutes) 

For each exercise complete as many reps as you can in one minute. Rest 15-20 seconds between exercises. Complete two rounds. Toss a wee little quickie warmup in front at the beginning and that oughta be around 15 minutes. 

1) Overhead Two-Arm One-Dumbbell Triceps Extension: 
You know this one. 

2) Alternating Snatch: 
DB on the floor. Squat down and pull it up your body. At hip level drive your hips forward and pull with the arm to pop the weight overhead. Switch arms each rep. 

3) Standing Two-Arm Upward Chop: 
Hold the bell in both hands, arms extended downwards and to one side, torso slightly twisted. Rotate your trunk the opposite direction to pull the weight up diagonally so your arms are extended above you and to the side at the top. Reverse the motion and repeat for reps. Switch sides at halfway through the minute. If you don't know this one just look it up online as many times as possible in one minute. On your mark . . . get set . . . GO!

4) One-Arm Romanian Deadlift: 
It keeps the DB in the same hand, and switches hands at midway through the minute.

On a related note, on the 28th of May BBC Two is airing a modern-dress version of King Lear,
with Sir Anthony Hopkins in the lead role. 

Do not go all loose and sloppy just because you're doing these deals for time. If you're up for more of a challenge you can try lifting one leg behind you, switching legs each rep.   

5) Goblet Squad, Squint, Squid, Squiggle, Squeegee Thingee: 
Fer Christ's Sake, it's a Bleedin' Gob Squat! And hit at least parallel each rep. 

Have fun working hard when you play with your weights.


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