Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Joe Weider's Father, and a New Book! Bonus!!!

Okay then. Here's a rare photo of Joe Weider's father holding the first lifting trophy Joe won in Montreal back in his early days. It's not the greatest quality, and neither is the photo, but I like this sort of thing. Now, feel free to post it all over the internet and viciously critique the life of Joe W. from the comfort of your computer chairs. That should help you attain what you want to attain before you die, right?

Click the thing for a minimally clear expanded view. 

Yes, there he is, or was, standing in front of a camera having his soul stolen,
as they used to say. Please forgive me for not having a better scanner or photo.
Please don't dislike or "think" less of me.
It matters so much to me!
Have you been practicing that Band-Aids song?
Come On!
"I am stuck on . . ."
You know the drill. 
15 minutes in the morning and
15 in the evening and
you'll be on your way to believing you have worth! 
What have you got to lose, other than

FLASH!  Amazing Bonus Book Offer available only to subscribers and imbibers of my Inner Septic-Tank Circle. Yes, for a limited time {computer generated email recipient's first name here}, you, yes, YOU can have the laughs big and smiles wide. Also, think of how impressive you'll appear to coworkers and fellow weight-lifting hobbyists after honing some of your own "sarcasm" and "darker brand of humor" . . . just like David Sedaris did! 

Yes, you too can impress your pets and stun your ex-wives ("Why did I ever leave that guy!") with top shelf "modernist" American humor. And in no time at all you'll be doing it anywhere! In the gym. At church socials. At the beach. While having anonymous sex with people you otherwise find disgusting who find you otherwise disgusting as well! It's what we at the Inner Septic-Tank Circle call a "Win Win" situation. 

Just click the link below and get set to shine!  

Available May 29th.

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