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14-Week Deadlift Cycle - Vince Anello

14-Week Deadlift Cycle
by Vince Anello (1983)

My workouts are based on singles which I cycle accordingly. Everyone responds in their own way to different types of rep and set systems. I happen to thrive on singles; many other weight trainers do as well; some do not. I do feel, however, that this routine will benefit a great many powerlifters and increase their deadlift. As you will see, the method of performing singles is a little unique.

I am not going into a squat routine as I am not a Fred Hatfield, but I do feel that PARTIAL SQUATS benefit my deadlift. After regular squats, I set the pins on the power rack so that when I touch the pins the angle of my leg bend is approximately the same as the start of my deadlift. The same foot stance should also be used as in the deadlift. For, that is close! Lower the weight slowly to the pin, touching the pin but not resting on it, and perform three reps in the same manner. I recommend 3 sets of 3. The weight used is relative to the structure of the individual. I do this exercise after my squats and add from 30 to 50 pounds more than my top squat for the day. This may have to be modified to suit the individual’s strength, weaknesses, and structure. I would recommend this only be done once a per week. Because of the taxing effect on the back, I would recommend the squat and deadlift not be performed on the same day early in the cycle. I would also drop this movement about three weeks prior to the meet and squat and deadlift on the same day to simulate contest conditions.

I have drawn up a 14-week routine for the deadlift. If a lifter’s previous best was 600, I feel 650 would be a realistic goal. The deadlift will be performed once a week, and we will start week 1 with a single of 510 and increase 20 pounds every other week. THE PROGRAM ON THE ALTERNATE WEEKS IS THE UNIQUE PART OF THE ROUTINE, AND THE PART WHICH BRINGS THE RESULTS!

Week 1:
Deadlift – 255x10, 305x5, 405x2, 455x1, 510x1.
Partial Deadlift (from knee) – 455x5, 510x3, 560x2.

Week 2.
Deadlift – 255x10, 305x5, 355x3, 405x2, 455x1x5. The final group of five singles is performed with only one minute of rest between sets. Time this and be honest with yourself.

Week 3.
Deadlift – 275x10, 325x5, 375x3, 425x2, 475x1, 530x1.
Partials From Knee – 475x5, 530x3, 580x2.

Week 4.
275x10, 324x5, 375x3, 425x2, 475x1x5. Again, one minute timed rest between these five singles.

Week 5.
295x10, 345x5, 395x3, 445x2, 495x1, 550x1.
Partials From Knee – 495x5.

Week 6.
295x10, 345x5, 395x3, 445x2, 495x1x5. One minute rest between singles.

Week 7.
315x10, 365x5, 415x3, 465x2, 570x1.
Partials From Knee – 515x5, 570x3, 620x2.

Week 8.
315x10, 365x5, 415x3, 465x2, 515x1x5. One minute rest between singles.

Week 9.
335x10, 385x5, 435x3, 485x2, 535x1, 590x1.
Partials From Knee – 535x5, 590x3, 640x2.

Week 10.
335x10, 385x5, 435x3, 485x2, 535x1x5. One minute rest between singles.

Week 11.
335x10, 405x5, 455x3, 505x2, 555x1, 610x1.
Partials From Knee – 555x1, 610x1, 660x1.

Week 12.
Perform Squat and Deadlift on the same day, dropping the partial squats.
Deadlift – 335x10, 405x5, 455x3, 505x2, 555x1x5. One minute rest between singles.

Week 13.
355x10, 405x5, 455x1, 515x1, 555x1, 590x1.

Week 14.
Meet day. Warmup – 355x10, 405x5, 515x1, 555x1.
Opener – 590.
Second Attempt – 630.
Third Attempt – 650.

As I mentioned before, the program can be modified to suit the individual. Partials are discontinued on the 12th week. I would also combine the deadlift day with the heavy squat day in the 12th and 13th weeks.

The two bodybuilding exercises I perform for the deadlift are the lat pulldown and bentover row. I also work the Nautilus machines and perform one set to failure for all my bodybuilding.

I would recommend that lat work be done after the deadlift workout and on one other day, a total of two days per week. I have found the lats to be a very important muscle group in the deadlift. I would also recommend the principle of one set to failure for each exercise (two second contraction, hold at peak contraction for 2 seconds, four second negative each rep).

I would also recommend one set to failure of shrugs for the finish of the deadlift. I use a Nautilus machine but one can use a barbell. Perform this exercise along with your lat work. One should be able to get from 8 to 12 reps before one cannot perform another strict repetition. When 12 reps can be performed, raise the weight 10 pounds.


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