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Three Day Heavy/Light/Medium Routine and Doug Hepburn Interviews - Jake Striefel

Jake Striefel, March 1977

660 pound deadlift at 214.25 pounds bodyweight. 
Northwest Open Powerlifting Championships, February 6th, 1971. 

February 6, 1971.
Carrol Wright (430 - 580 - 600)
 Jake Striefel (415 - 500 - 660)
Don Cundy (First man to officially deadlift 800, trained Carrol Wright)

More on Don Cundy:

This is a routine dictated to me by Jake Striefel recently. It's aimed at the lifter who desires progress on the three powerlifts but is pressed for time and energy due to work and family commitments. For some time he was using it with great success, and stressed the importance of realizing that what may work for one man could prove pointless for another, and that we all must seek to realistically understand our own capabilities, individual temperaments and other commitments at various changing times during our lifting lives. 

Monday is the Medium Day.
Go to 85% max and do 2 sets of 3 reps. 

Wednesday is the Light Day.
Use Monday's weight for 2 sets of 1 single each.

Friday is the Heavy Day.
Go to 92% and do 2 sets of doubles. 
Once every 2 or 3 weeks on the Heavy Day, try to increase limit single.
If successful, then update your routine.

This layout only works on the Bench, and possibly the Squat. It would not be possible to recover from it on the Deadlift. On the Deadlift, do 5 sets of 5 up to 60%, then on your heavy day you can go up to 90% for one or two singles. Sometimes you can do rack work from the knee up. 

Very simple, very straightforward hard work, that can get your numbers moving if applied at the right time in your training. 

Enjoy Your Lifting!    

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