Monday, December 26, 2022

Motivation -- Stuart McRobert (1991)


To get much  bigger and stronger you really have to WANT IT. 

Thinking you want it isn't good enough. 

Wanting it next year when things have settled down in between isn't good enough. Wanting it once you start to attend a better gym  isn't good enough. Wanting it when you have more money isn't good enough.

You have to want it so much that you're willing to do anything within the boundaries of reason and safety. 

If you want it badly enough, you're going to get it. 

You might have to waste years of your life training on useless routines before learning the lessons needed. So long as you're motivated enough, you'll still be training after tons of frustration and failure. 

Program your mind for achieving your realistic goals, visualize daily where you're going, think positively, maintain your resolve, don't let negative people have a detrimental influence upon you. Train your mind as well as your body. Get in control, and stay in control. 

While muscular might is built over the long-term, you have to get the short-term in order first. To get the short-term in order, you have to get each day in order. 

Your attitude matters, matters a heck of a lot.

Explore texts on how to program your mind for success and positive thought. Then unleash it on sound training programs. 

The best motivation is success. Once you're training productively, your motivation and ability to train hard increases. Your discipline when out of the gym intensifies too. The reverse is true too. The more failure you have, the more your motivation gets worn away.

Don't exhaust your motivation by ignoring what works and trying to prove you're an exception to the rules for typical lifters. Knuckle down in the gym to some hard work on the big exercises. Knuckle down at home to some substantial, nutritious eating. Knuckle down at home to getting lots of sleep. 

There's still no other drug-free combination that will help you. The basic requirements for getting big and strong are simple enough. It's marrying productive interpretations with application, effort and discipline that's tough to do. Make the commitment.

Keep your motivation up by progressing in the gym. 

It's time to put aside the arguments, reasoning, whys and wherefores. Time to put routines that work into practice. Time to adhere to the need for progressive poundages (no matter how gradual and slow the increments). 

Time to be patient and persistent. 

Time to grow. 

Never forget, doing less nearly always results in more. Cut back, cut back and cut back again. Then grow, GROW, GROW AGAIN. 

Enjoy Your Lifting! 



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