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Doug Hepburn Interviews, Part Seven -- Jake Striefel


Q [Jake Striefel]: How much could you do in the crucifix lift? 

A [Doug Hepburn]: I've held out to the sides 110 pounds in each hand. My best hold-out in front was 150, 155.

Q: I looked up the results from your Cote contest and how it was done and it differs from that you told me on Sept 6/82. The contest was decided on the total out of four lifts, not three. 

Cote did: 
Press - 270
Bench - 354
Squat - 644
Deadlift - 752.5

Hepburn did: 
Press - 350
Bench - 409
Squat - 574
Deadlift - Doug thinks he did 550 and missed 600

You each won two events, but Cote totaled 2025.5 and Doug did 1883.

A: I never trained on the deadlift because I didn't think I would need it, so what does that tell you. I guess I wanted three out of the four not the total. Cote wanted the total.

Q: Was the bench press done strict? 

A: Yes, 32 inch grip and a pause at the chest. I had no trouble deadlifting the weight, I just couldn't hold onto it. We had three attempts for each lift, like they do now. 

Q: Did you know George Spearman, and where he might be today? 

A: He was a judge or official in the weightlifting, that's all I know about him, except he used to work Belkin Box company in Richmond in the office. 

Q: What about Lucien Roy? 

A: He ran Western Gym for a time, he was a hand balancer and weightlifter.

Q: Who was the guy that bought your gym on Hastings . . . Bill something.

A: I can't remember his last name, I went to school with him, he was a lot of things. Vancouver detective, Karate specialist, the last I heard he was training guard dogs and working with them. He used to be in the medical core in Korea, he didn't have the gym very long. 

Jake Striefel: I needed a photo of Doug bench pressing for the B.C. Hall of Fame, first man to bench 500. I phoned Doug and asked him if he had a picture of him bench pressing a heavy weight sometime in the early '50s. He said he didn't have any but referred me to Vincent Drewa, a friend of his in North Vancouver who had a scrap book all on Doug. He said he would help me. I then asked Doug if he would be willing to have his picture taken with Tom Magee, two world champions together. He refused on the ground that Tom Magee has not even set a world record yet. Doug claims he set 25 World records, and to never have used drugs to help his lifts. He was quite mad about the local magazines stating Tom was the strongest Canadian ever, he even phoned the editors. 

He claims his 420 bench press set on December 6th, 1975 at Spartacus was a world master record. He phoned Dave at Spartacus and told him that this would have been in the Masters category. I informed him that there were no international referees present so it could not officially stand.

Now Dou8g states that he will set another world record in the Masters category before Tom Magee will set a world record. 

On June 16th, 1983, Don Sturnock informed me that he had all of Doug's negatives, he has approximately 50 photos of Doug doing various things, older and newer negatives. Doug curling, posing, benching, with his dogs, bending nails, him and his mother. 

Jan 22nd, 1983. Don developed photos from his negatives and duplicated pictures and articles from Vincent Drewa's scrapbook which I borrowed and gave them to me. 

On March 29th, 1983, Wes Woo showed me the hardcover book by David Willoughby, "The Super Athletes," in which there are a few chapters of old time strong men. It has Doug Hepburn doing a 365 pound press behind neck, standing, and a 705 deadlift by Doug, listed, not pictures. 

Enjoy Your Lifting!  

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