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Power Bodybuilding -- Don Ross


In past articles, I have stressed isolation training to carve out super definition and blast each fiber into growth. This increases cardiovascular development to get those muscle building elements to those muscle tissues. 

Today, I will cover another type of training designed to build muscle mass and strength. Though a few top bodybuilders train this way right up to contest time, it is not recommended. These exercises work the large muscle groups and are best for building bulky, hypertrophied muscle.

I use this routine after contest season to add weight and power for professional wrestling  and strength shows. Three or four months before a contest, I go back to specific, concentration exercises and a high protein diet. By contest time, I show more muscle density than the year before as a result of the seasons of power building.  

As with definition training, diet plays an important part in making size gains. You need more calories. This doesn't mean to stuff yourself with fattening foods or junk deserts. Keep protein intake high. Eat plenty of meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Add salads, fresh fruit (and juices), nuts and thick soups to this and you have your basic bulk diet. The special ingredients are dairy products. These are the size builders. Eat some cheese, yogurt, of cottage cheese with each meal. Mix protein powder with your milk and have a glass in the morning, after your workout, and at night. Use low fat NOT skimmed) milk, if you tend to get fat while trying to bulk. Use whole, unprocessed grains and raw sugar and honey only, but these in moderation. Limit this to one meal a day. If you're a hard gainer, you can eat more of these. 

Before beginning your workout, warm up with a few pushups, chinups, and knee bends. This is a six-day workout, where each area is exercised twice a week to allow maximum recuperation.

Chest, Arms

1) Bench press (warm up), 1 x 20, light weight.

2) Bench press (shoulder width grip), 10, 8, 6.

3) Bench press (very wide grip), 3 x 6.

4) Bench press (lockouts), 3 x 5. Do these on a power rack using much more weight than your maximum bench press. If you don't have a power rack lie on the bench with your chest directly below the racks and lift the bar up and down from the racks. 

5) Incline dumbbell press, 3 x 6, dumbbells facing each other. 

6) Lying triceps extension, 3 x 8, keep elbows high, lower to forehead. 

7) Standing dumbbell triceps press, 3 x 6, one dumbbell held in two hands.

8) Dip, weighted, 3 x 5, keep elbows back.

9) Cheat curls, 3 x 6, swing bar up, LOWER SLOWLY.

10) Reverse curls, 3 x 10.

11) Hammer curls, 3 x 6.

Shoulders, Back

1) Seated front press, 10, 8, 6.

2) Wide grip press behind neck, 3 x 6.

3) Alternate dumbbell press, 2 x 6

4) Upright row, 8, 6, 5.

5) Shrug, 3 x 6.

6) Weighted chin, 3 x 5, 1 set wide, 1 close, 1 regular.

7) Bentover row, 3 x 6.

8) Bent arm pullover, 2 x 6

9) Situps, weighted, 3 x 10. 

Legs, Calves, Lower Back

1) Leg press, light warmup, 20 reps.

2) Leg press, 10, 8, 6.

3) Half squat, 3 x 6.

4) Squat lockout, 3 x 6.

5) Heavy bendovers, 4 x 8, knees bent, bar on back.

6) Heel raise, 8 x 12 reps. 

A word of caution. This type of workout presents a greater risk of injury. To avoid this, remember to warm up and ALWAYS use correct form. Always have a training partner spot you on your bench presses and leg work. 

Use a weight that you can do the prescribed reps with difficulty on the last rep. Add weight whenever possible. 

Enjoy Your Lifting!  

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