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Young Malcolm Brenner - George Eiferman (1950)


I could hardly believe it. 

This giant of muscular perfection was only 20 years of age and already possessed the strength of an ox. One was amazed and surprised when he watched Malcolm training because he always did some unusual exercises and strength feats every time he trained.

I first met Malcolm Brenner when he came down to Tanny's Gym. The very first thing I noticed was his remarkable sense of humor. He seemed to have all the boys in the gym laughing. Later when I was introduced to him he kept making funny remarks which made me laugh in spite of my trying to be serious. He is ever making people laugh with his funny antics and humor. He is a fine fellow to have around when the weights feel heavy and one needs a lift in his training. He livens up your spirit. 

Here is a little history about this new Hercules so you will know more about him, being somewhat of a newcomer to these pages. He was born in the big town where there isn't "one living baseball umpire" - Brooklyn, N.Y. He came to California when he was only four years old so is almost a native of this sunny state. 

After One Year of Training

Malcolm started weight training when he was 15 years of age at a bodyweight of 123 pounds, a full fledged featherweight. His training was often interrupted but he thrived in spite of it. While in the army during the last world conflict he never followed a steady routine of training but did the best he could in way of exercise under the circumstances. The army officials were impressed with his commanding appearance and felt he would make an ideal M.P. guarding Japanese war criminals, which post he served commendably. 

After his stint in the Army, Mal looked like this. 
We first featured him in S & H in 1945.

When Malcolm was discharged his bodyweight was already up to 180 and he was already making plans to begin bodybuilding with great enthusiasm. Shortly after, with only a few weeks of earnest training, he entered the Mr. California, Mr America and several other contests where he impressed everyone so much with his fine muscular development that he placed high among the top men in each event. He won numerous awards for his fine back and deep chest.  

Brenner is currently training at Tony Terlazzo's body building gymnasium in Hollywood, California under the supervision of Tony Terlazzo himself, that great little world champion, Olympic champion, and thirteen times national champion for whom Malcolm has the greatest admiration. For his money, Tony is tops as a lifting champion and rates him among the best as a physique man as well. Malcolm admires him so because Terlazzo is almost twice his age, still retains his great lifting skill and strength while his physique continues to improve at an age when most men have acquired a bulging belly. 

Terlazzo has Malcolm on a strict lifting program as he feels this young giant can become a fine lifter if he applies himself. Already he has made wonderful progress and in a matter of a few months Malcolm should do some amazing lifting. 

In the Odd Lifts championships sponsored in Los Angeles, October, 1949, Malcolm made a 575 pound dead lift, squatted with 460, pulled over with straight arms 170, winning first place in this contest as a heavyweight. In November Malcolm again took first place, this time in the Novice weight lifting championships with a total of 770 which was made up of Press 255, Snatch 230 and Clean & Jerk 285. This was the highest total ever lifted in a novice meet here in California. He only had about five weeks of training for this contest which proves he is capable of much more in the future. 

I heard recently that Malcolm is now pressing 285 pounds regularly at Tony Terlazzo's gym where admirers often gather to watch Terlazzo and his boys go through their training. Malcolm himself told me he is focusing his aim on the next Nationals and he hopes he can participate in this annual event. If he continues to improve on all his lifts, all of us who know him feel sure he will make a fine total. Naturally we wish him luck in this field and hope one day he will win the championship.

Malcolm Brenner is six feet one and one half inches tall and now weighs 230 pounds. He has a 53 inch chest (51 normal) and an 18.5 inch arm "cold" along with a 28 inch thigh. Two of 'em! This 20 year old coming champion has a lot of "stuff" and will be heard of much more in the future both in physique contests and in lifting championships. As a matter of fact, last summer he was given the title of Mr. Muscle Beach." 

Among his more recent accomplishments are:

One hand dead lift - 550 pounds. 650 when with the aid of a handkerchief. He does 10 repetitions with 410 pounds in his workouts. 

In the Prone Press on bench his record is 380 pounds.

In the underhand (curl grip) Clean & Press he has done 275.

In the presence of Tony Terlazzo he did a perfect crucifix with a 75 pound dumbbell in each hand.

His record in the One Hand Military Press is 145 pounds.

Seated, he has pressed 260 from behind the neck.

He curls 185 pounds.

He can Snatch the 135 pounds of the York Olympic barbell by holding the plates rather than the bar.

All these lifts have been done in the presence of well known lifters and physique men such as Terlazzo, Armand Tanny, Buford MacFatridge, Bob McCune and others. 

Says Malcolm, "My greatest ambition is to be Mr. America and also a weight lifting champion." 

Enjoy Your Lifting! 


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