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Inch in 24 Hours Redux - David Sandler (2015)

Some 20-plus years ago, a never-before-seen arms routine was created to provide maximal growth in a single day. The famous "Inch in 24 Hours" training program has since seen dozens of iterations and applications -- 

 -- Here is one version, "The Nine Hour One Day Arm Blitz"

There are, as mentioned, many others that will give you an idea of what it's about -- 

Taking that knowledge and the foundations from which it was built, we have evolved the basics of the legendary program to give you a new, month long, less time intensive approach.

The key to serious size is to take that 'only in the gym' pump and turn it into permanent muscle. Sure, you can do some fast back-to-back exercises and push your pump through the roof -- but just a while later that pump will be gone, and you won't have the muscle to show for it. One answer to this dilemma is to combine pump-type training with more permanent strength and size building exercises, then allow for maximal recovery before beating your muscles into submission in the next workout.

There are two likely mechanisms for the dramatic increases seen through using this type of training program:

1) The first has to do with the natural process of protein synthesis. However, with this specific type of stress, it appears that the process is enhanced, likely due to the increased volume of training and our better understanding of the importance of supplementation and good nutrition.

2) The second is the process of cellular swelling which appears to maintain its overall characteristics without affecting muscle function. We know that when injured or suffering from severe DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) he damaged tissue area swells significantly, generally limiting function, and as the swelling goes down, function is restored. The current thinking here is that if we catch the swelling at the right moment -- somewhere after the pain subsides and full functionality returns -- and we continue to train, we reap the benefits of the added tissue swelling. As has been proven time and time again using serious volume weight training programs like this, if you hit those muscles regularly with proper rest, you maintain the size from both swelling and tissue development. So, we continue to drive the size of the muscle upwards if we:

a) tear down the tissue by enhancing the muscle building process,
b) provide just the right amount of rest, and
c) attack the muscle again with an appropriate volume that it can handle.

Rules of Engagement

This program is split into two segments. The first is the initial three-hour workout (yes, three!), and the second is the ongoing training for the next four to six weeks, or even longer if your arms let you keep going. The rules are simple: follow the first workout to a T and take the appropriate rest, and then throew the rule book in the garbage and to get down to some serious arm training each and every time arm day cycles around. But before you start, heed the following:

 - Keep the load on the target muscles by using good exercise mechanics at all times.

 - Tame your urge to cheat until you are at least 80% of the way through your set.

 - Lift lighter loads, focus on the reps, and squeeze tight when you get to the top of each rep.

 - Since the biceps compromises two almost equally functioning muscles, and the triceps are composed of three, it is imperative to target each head in every session.

 - Adopt the mantra that "no one exercise is better than another." Why? Because you need them all in order to fully develop every last fiber within your arms. By specifically calling out one exercise over another, you may mistakenly omit something that limits your growth potential.

Part One

The first day of this program is an offshoot of the larger single-day "Inch in 24" routine -- and it's ridiculous. You pair one set of both a biceps and triceps exercise every five minutes for three hours. Effectively, you will get 36 sets per side, or 72 total sets. You'll then take five to six days off -- but no more than seven -- before you begin the second part of this program.

Initial Set-Up Day:

First Hour, every 5 minutes, 1 set of each -
Skull Crusher, 12 reps.
Standing Barbell Curl, 12 reps.

Second Hour, every 5 minutes, 1 set of each -
Triceps Pressdown, 10 reps.
Cable Curl with Straight Bar, 10 reps.

Third Hour, every 5 minutes, 1 set of each -
Single-arm Dumbbell Extension, 12 reps.
Alternating Dumbbell Curl, 12 reps.

Part Two:

You will hit your arms twice a week. Day One will focus more on strength and size. You'll take slightly longer breaks between sets thus enabling you to use heavier weights and establish that solid foundational muscle and build strong bonds between the connective network and the overall cellular protein structure. Day Two will be more about emphasizing the peak, developing clean contractions, and focusing on muscle shape. But let's get something straight: neither day should be a walk in the park -- light or heavy, your effort should be maxed.

Day One -

Skull Crusher, 4 x 8, 2 minutes rest.
Close Grip Bench Press, 4 x 8, 2 min.
Dip, 4 x 10, 90 sec.
V-Bar Triceps Pushdown, 4 x 10, 90 sec.
Barbell Curl, 4 x 8, 2 min.
Preacher Curl, 4 x 8, 2 min.
Cable Curl, 4 x 10, 90 sec.
Incline Dumbbell Curl, 4 x 10, 90 sec.

Day Two -

One-Arm Cable Curl, 4 x 12, 90 sec.
Dumbbell One-Arm Preacher Curl, 4 x 12, 90 sec.
Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl, 4 x 15, 75 sec.
Cable Rope Curl, 4 x 15, 75 sec.
Dumbbell Skull Crusher, 4 x 12, 90 sec.
Rope Triceps Pushdown, 4 x 12 90 sec.
One-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Extension, 4 x 15, 75 sec.
One-Arm Reverse Cable Pushdown, 4 x 15, 75 sec.


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