Thursday, December 1, 2011

4-Stage Pulls - Mark Cameron

Mark Cameron -
First 110kg Olympic lifter to
Clean & Jerk over 500 lbs.

4-Stage Pulls
with thanks to the 'Straight to the Bar' blog

Mark Cameron used these from a Bulgarian program in the '70s. They can be very tough.

It is a combination of deadlift and high pull motions. One can vary the sequence to his needs and can incorporate variation to move past adaptation. I like to turn this into a 4-stage power clean, and occasionally throw in a 5th stage of overhead press, push press or jerk.

This is a combination lift of four movements that make up ONE REP:

1) Deadlift from floor to knee height, return bar to floor.
2) Deadlift from floor to hip height, return bar to knee height.
3) High Pull from knee height to full extension, return bar to floor.
4) High Pull from floor to full extension, return bar to floor.

Usually 3 reps per set is enough.

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