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Combine Weightlifting & Bodybuilding - Achilles Kallos

Duncan YMCA, circa 1967

Combine Weightlifting & Bodybuilding
by Achilles Kallos (1968)

Peary Rader: Lifting movements improve the physique in a manner that bodybuilding exercises never seem to. Observe the great improvement of the physique of Dennis Tinerino, Mr. America. Unquestionably his recent efforts on the Olympic lifts were a major contribution to his progress. Others have had like experiences. All bodybuilders ought to incorporate both the Olympic lifts and the powerlifts.

With the advent of specializing, bodybuilders seem to lack that something in their physical makeup which many of the older physique title holders always had. I believe this is because champions like Roy Hilligenn, John Grimek and many others spent a lot of time in their training doing weightlifting.

Physiques have changed considerably, sad to say, for the worse. I am sorry to say this, but I just don’t believe that the present day bodybuilders are any comparison to those of the era of Grimek, Stanko and Hilligenn, to name but a few.

In my opinion it is the advent of specialization in training methods of the modern bodybuilder which causes that all-round polished finish to be lacking in their physiques.

Overdeveloped pectorals, beefy arms and sadly lacking all-round back and deltoid development. Instead of having a well developed symmetrical physique, too many of the modern bodybuilders look disproportionate an unathletic. Hours of specialized pumping exercises, particularly the lying down variety, have helped promote this ugly and unbalanced physique so often seen today.

Men like Bob Hoffman, Peary Rader and Oscar Heidenstam have for years been advocating the combination of weightlifting with bodybuilding for a well developed, proportionate physique. It does not mean that a bodybuilder must train exclusively on the Olympic lifts. All he has to do is incorporate at least one of the fast lifts in his normal workouts. Obviously, by doing so he may have to curtail some of his bodybuilding exercises in the routine, but it will prove beneficial and result-producing.

We need not concern ourselves with presses because bodybuilders always do some form of the press. Snatches, power snatches, cleans, power cleans, jerks and high pulls are the movements that should be done. These exercises develop the too often neglected muscles in one’s physique such as the lower back, the trapezius, deltoids and forearms.

As a matter of fact, these muscle groups mentioned will add the finishing touches to the body. By doing lifting exercises you will not only become stronger, more athletic and fitter, but you will also begin to enjoy your training more than ever before – that aspect too is important. Take for instance the snatch or clean & jerk. Instead of doing three repetitions as weightlifters do, try seven reps with a moderate weight. You will be amazed at how breathless one or two sets of this exercise will leave you. As a matter of fact, those who want to reduce or obtain more muscularity should include either the snatch or clean & jerks in fairly high repetitions, between 7 and 15. Normally, repetitions between 3 and 7 should suffice.

You need only incorporate one or two lifting movements in your regular workout. It is best to start off with the lifts and then carry on with bodybuilding. For those who have never done weightlifting, you should consult an expert on it on how to execute the various lifts such as the snatch and clean & jerk correctly. Attending a weightlifting meet will also help give you and idea of how they should be done.

You may find that a considerable amount of time and effort will be used mastering the lifts. Nevertheless, once you can do a snatch, etc., correctly, little effort will be needed to maintain good performance for bodybuilding purposes. Power snatches and cleans can also be done with little practice by the bodybuilder. Actually, you may find it easier if you first concentrate on power snatches and power cleans. Once you have gotten used to these movements (stiffness, etc., as you will be pretty stiff in the traps, lower back and forearms) you can try snatches and clean & jerks with light weights.

Now let us presume you can snatch etc. Here’s a sample routine you can do 3 times a week:

1.) Seated Barbell Press.
2.) Power Snatch or Power Clean – 5 sets of 3 to 7 reps.
3.) Proper Snatch or Clean & Jerk – 3 to 5 sets of 3 to 5 reps.
4.) Dumbell Bench Press.
5.) Bent Forward Barbell Rowing.
6.) Lying Triceps Extension.
7.) Incline Dumbell Curl.
8.) Regular Squat.
9.) Calf Raise.
10.) Abdominal Work.

I have not given the sets or repetitions for the bodybuilding exercises. I leave that to you, because by incorporating the lifts as suggested you may have to adjust the amount of bodybuilding work you usually do. And remember, this is but one of many, many possible workouts integrating the lifts with bodybuilding movements.

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