Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Samukov - Mac Batchelor

Question - Was there a Russian wrestler who possessed a more massive arm than Stanislaus Zbyszko in his prime?

Stanislaus, at a bodyweight of 245 pounds, had a gigantic upper arm measuring 20 3/4 inches in the year 1908, and as he was only 26 at that time there is no doubt he added more bulk in later years. However, the recognized largest arm of that era was possessed by a Russian wrestler from the southern Soviet Union, the land of the Cossacks. Of average height and weighing over 300 pounds, he appeared short owing to his exceptional thickness, breadth of body and his grand 56 3/4 inch chest harmonizing with his record size arms of 20 1/2 inches. You may judge for yourself from the group photo. Sometimes the enormous wrestler on the far left in Cossack attire is credited as Samukov, however, our beefy customer in the center who is being allowed an abundance of elbow room by his fellow athletes is he of the bulging arms, the one and only Samukov.

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