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Weightlifting Development Exercises - Bob Hoffman


Weightlifting Development Exercises
by Bob Hoffman

To obtain strength and development you must occasionally force your muscles up to or beyond their normal limit. All champion weightlifters possess the ability to lift considerably more in competition, or before an audience, than they usually can in practice. This is one of the principal factors in building up the unusual and extraordinary strength they possess. Practicing weightlifting, seeing how much you can lift, is one of the best ways of accurately measuring your strength progress and the validity of your program. Certainly, there are so many reasons why you should practice weightlifting my enthusiasm for it runs away from me at times.

Among the best exercises and weightlifting assistance exercises are some of the movements in York course No. 3.

Two Arm Rapid Press – Although best results are had when exercises are performed with comparative slowness, the rapid press is a good movement as it is designed to teach the lifter how to put supreme effort back of the lift from the start position.

Rapid Deep Knee Bend – Performed by rising from the bottom position as quickly and forcefully as possible, sometimes taking a leap at the finish.

Holding Bell Overhead, Squat to Low Position – A movement which builds strength and balance for any lifter.

Rapid Deadlift – This movement is performed with less than your maximum poundage. The weight is pulled rapidly, as high as possible, lowered slowly.

Two Arm Alternate Press Alternate pressing front and then behind the neck and sitting pressing are excellent movements to improve your pressing ability.

Dead-Hang Repetition Snatch – This exercise is sometimes done with each movement extending from near the floor to overhead, at other times from a position at thighs to overhead. This latter movement is designed to improve the second or high pull. As a variation, pull the weight from the floor to overhead without splitting or bending the knees.

Repetition Jerk – Jerk the weight from the shoulders to overhead, three to five repetitions.

Two-Hands Dead Hang Clean – Performed in a manner somewhat similar to the dead hang snatch, except that the weight is pulled to the chest instead of overhead. Also practice cleaning with no dip. This exercise will develop the final pull and will increase your snatching and cleaning ability. Use as much weight as you can pull to the chest without dipping at the completion of the movement. Employ your usual style in going for the weight, just as you would in the snatch or clean. Pull the weight up with a rush, not moving your feet or bending your knees as the weight nears your chest. The principal exercise back of this lift is with the legs and back, but it accustoms you to pulling the entire way. The end of the lift gives you the high pull which is the difference between an ordinary lifter and a champion. All champions possess the ability to put this terrific final effort back of the clean or snatch. At the finish of the pull, whip the elbows suddenly to the front and you have the bar in the correct position at the shoulders.

The above copy was written 25 years ago (1929). Long before that time men were using these movements and teaching them to others.

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