Tuesday, June 6, 2023

History and Development of Weightlifting in China, Part One - Ma Jianping

Here's some stuff some of you may find of interest: 

Weightlifting in Ancient China 

Okay . . . busy, busy, so I'll leave it there till tomorrow . . . 

Enjoy Your Lifting! 


  1. Thanks for posting! I've been hoping you'd finally get around to posting exactly this. I've carefully noted each and every reference and source, so, obviously you can take my word that, as they have always quipped in the Chinese laundries, "No secret like Ancient Chinese secret".

    Especially valuable among listed references and sources is Ping Wang's and Tang Welfang hands-on approach, described explicitly, with color photos, in their "Research on the Elbow Position of Elite Female Weightlifters during the Jerk."

    Keep up the good work! It's all well worth the steep subscription price! Or, as they might say in China, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well in Bejing (unless selling to our enemies the Americans, in which case, fuck the quality control)"

    1. Plenty of heavy reading on that list. What with the price of not-paper the sub prices may have to rise, in the East anyhow.

  2. Normally I am a loyal "buy" or "think" American kind of guy, at least to the degree the US government allows me, but considering how the contemporary Chinese government has repeatedly and flagrantly swiped American intellectual property, it is somewhat gratifying to see someone co-opting their "secrets!" Still, you are really making us work for it!

    1. Wait till the "intro" is over . . . there's some very interesting things in this one. The stuff in that biblio is turning out to be harder to find than I had imagined!


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