Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Chinese Weightlifting Series -- The Next Part

This section is very technical and analytical, so I want to study and learn from it while I'm typering out the thing . . . 

might be a while gettin' 'er done. 

The plan is to post whatever's done each sitting, and keep adding to the post till it's done. The technical aspects can be pretty grindy to typer out for long, and I still remember slogging away at a full bench press book quite a ways back there.

That one wound up making its way over to a PDF version from here, thanks to whoever did that! Kenny Toth? Here:


Hell, this stuff is interesting to me, as long as I don't go too long studying it. 

Also interesting to me is the distinct relationship between "goofism" (not to be cornfused with Sufism) and the need to completely control all use of written materials that some people choose to engage in. The good news is, the vast majority of lifting authors, once they realize this blog extravaganza is strictly nonprofit and there's money going into creating it and none coming back from the time spent . . . well Boy Howdy, the majority and only too happy to see their stuff being used by fellow lifters. Hey, it ain't my call. If there's something on here that violates your copyright fetish, lemme know and I'll take it down right away. 

So, if you saw a post, article, book chapter on here one day, then it suddenly wasn't there the next you'll know it was "goofism" at play. Very rare, actually! 

Meanwhile . . . 

there's something enjoyable waiting to happen near you! 

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