Thursday, June 23, 2022

You Get From Exercise What You Put In - John Grimek (1968)


So many weight trainees train and plug along for years reaping little if any physical progress. You watch them train and they perform the exercises like a mechanical robot. Their movements are sluggish and lackadaisical, with every movement a major effort.

They don't ENJOY exercising nor do they derive many benefits, yet they continue to push themselves. 


During the early 40's we had such a fellow training in our gym. Just about everyone noticed and questioned him about his manner of training. His only reply was that he wanted to continue in hopes of developing a more muscular body, something he admired and wanted very much. 

He continued this mechanical training for months. Then one day I explained to him, that one gets out of exercise only what he puts into it. When I told him this he stared blankly at me for a moment and then asked

"Wadda ya mean?" 

I mean only this I said. If you put effort and zip into your training your muscles will respond better. 

"How?" he insisted. 

If you continue to train mechanically, as you've been doing, you don't activate all the muscle fibers, and because you fail to put oomph into your movements only the superficial fibers work; consequently you can't acquire size or inject great power into them.

Again that innocent but blank expression swept across his face. Finally he recovered sufficiently to ask

"Well, what must I do or how should I go about it? I ain't got that much energy to do too many exercises."

You're doing TOO MUCH now, I assured him. You're better off to do five exercises with vim than a dozen in a lackadaisical manner. For a moment he stood in contemplation, then added

"By golly, I think you're right. I'm going to try it." 

On his next training day he showed me a list of his exercises and asked me to select six of the most important ones. He performed the six and repeated each three times, using progressively heavier weights with each set.

In less than three months the change was remarkable. He achieved more muscular progress in this short time than in all the months he trained, but more importantly his personality improved along with his muscles. He didn't appear so mentally dense but was a "personality kid" now. Anyway, this fellow got his 18.5" arm and other measurements he had been striving to attain. He looked so much better, gave encouragement to others and now exercised with determination. 

So many lifters run into problems of their own making. 

They exercise without a purpose. 

They perform the movements more like a mechanical machine -- 
without pep or purpose.   

Such exercise works only the superficial muscles while the heavier, deep-seated fibers remain dormant. No wonder results are slow or fail to materialize. Is it any wonder? 

Just remember, you get from exercise only what you put in, and the more you put in the more you will get out. So don't waste energy without a purpose. 

Train with a purpose,
with a vengeance if you must, 

They'll respond to your command! 

Enjoy Your Lifting!  

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