Monday, March 29, 2021

The Incomparable Passion - Stuart McRobert (1999)



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Sometimes, I think that training is not a noble enough activity to devote the best part of one's life to. In my own case, I've tried to muster an equivalent level of interest in other activities, but other than my family, nothing comes close to training (and writing about it) for delivering sustained passion. 

Most of you, if not nearly all of you, also have an inextinguishable and almost consuming passion for training. For better or worse, this is where we are. No matter what obstacles hit us, no matter how long something takes, we keep plugging away. 

When this passion is channeled properly, i.e., through using drug-free sensible methods, training is not only a wonderful activity in its own right, with the journey being as important as the end result, but it can be a life preserver. It should, however, include exercise and dietary discipline, a healthful lifestyle, dogged determination, and stress control. A lifelong pursuit in that manner not only adds life to our years, but may also add years to our lives.

Being muscle and might buffs is not enough. Dreaming of physique transformation is not enough. Craving physical change is not enough. Acquiring training literature and discussing training at length are not enough. Only intelligently directed training applied with dogged determination and a healthful lifestyle can deliver what will please us most of all -- stronger, healthier and better physiques. But even died-in-the-wool enthusiasts can lose focus, and just tread water rather than forge forward.

I love my work; I love improving my collection of training magazines and books; I love discussing training. But even more than these, I love seeing progress in my own training and physique. And I reckon the same applies to you.

Challenge yourself to make the next eight weeks a period of perfect training and recovery. Don't just think about it, or daydream about it. Actually do it! Really get stoked up and apply what you've learned. For just eight weeks, sleep at least eight hours per night, eat an easily digested meal every three hours of a size appropriate to your caloric needs, train hard and intelligently no more than twice a week, truly use an abbreviated program and disciplined perfect form, and add weight in small increments. Then come the next issue of HARDGAINER, you'll have made definite improvement, and without injury or overtraining. Then do the same thing for the next eight weeks.  

Knowing what to do is one thing, but actually doing it is another matter, and what really counts.

I keep hammering away at the same basics, as does HARDGAINER as a whole, because that's all that really matters. If only people would grasp the basics, apply them, and stop hunting for training "secrets," and fixes in a bottle, then there would soon be massive progress in gyms throughout the world. While others continually search for the "secret" they think exists, or a quick-fix solutions, we know that no such thing exists as far as sane drug-free training goes.

Leave others to their expensive and futile pursuits, and apply the basics with dogged determination. Then the incomparable passion that drives us on will yield what we want most of all -- stronger, healthier and better physiques. 

Enjoy Your Lifting!


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