Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Power Rack Bodybuilding - Don Ross (1988)


This method consists of three training days a week utilizing basic exercises. 
In the 1st workout, each exercise is done with the 1st half of the movement only. Set the pins in the power rack so the bar is stopped one-half way through the movement. When the bar hits the top pins, apply maximum tension against this barrier for 6-8 full seconds of isometric contraction. Do 5 reps per set. 
The 2nd workout is performed in the 2nd half of the movement in the same manner. 
The 3rd workout features full movements with slow negatives. 
Take the Press Behind Neck as an example. In the 1st workout, you press from the bottom position until the bar is parallel with the top of your forehead. In the 2nd workout, you start the press from forehead level and end at almost a lockout (but low enough to do the isometric part of each rep). The 3rd workout consists of full movements with no isometric, but with a slow negative movement. 
Do 4 sets per exercise. 
Add weight to the bar as often as possible.
Here are the exercises I use in this routine. On paper it appears almost over-simple, but you will find that the energy output is so high you might even decide to split the routine in half for a 6-day program. 
So . . . 
1st Workout: 1st half of the movement
2nd Workout: 2nd half of the movement
3rd Workout: Full movement with slow negative
Bench Press
Press Behind Neck, Wide Grip
Upright Barbell Row
Bentover Barbell Row
Barbell Curl
Lying Triceps Extension
Stiff-Legged Deadlift
Calf Raise
Enjoy Your Lifting! 

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