Friday, July 31, 2020

Dan John - "Attempts" (2020)

In this collection of essays, Dan expands on some of his now famous one liners . . . 

How Many Rabbits Are You You Chasing? 

Enough is Enough, More is Just More.

Fit for What? Must Be Part of Your Language.

The Greatest Secret I Know in Every Field of Life is Always Obvious. 

Last Throw, Best Throw! 

No Fuzzy Maxes in the Weight Room.

Correct Your Weaknesses, But Compare Your Strengths. 

Peaking is Often Simply Staying On the Path. 

and more . . . More. . . MORE. 

Pick up a copy at the link above and start applying these ideas.
You'll be glad you did . . . I guarantee it.

Enjoy Your Lifting! 



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