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Two Larry Scott Routines - Dennis Weis




Note: You can get some exercise technique descriptions here:

Down the Rack DB Press - Warm up, then start heavy and work to light in 5-10 lb. jumps No rest between sets. Do 8-10 sets. 

DB Lateral Raise - Down the rack for 6-8 sets of 10 reps. No rest between sets. 

Bentover DB Lateral Raise - Down the rack for 6-8 sets of 10 reps. No rest between sets. 

This completes one tri-series. This should be repeated 2-5 times depending on energy, endurance, and sanity. 


Technique, here:

DB Preacher Curl - Warm up, then use maximum weight for 6 reps, then do four burns at the top of the curl. Burns are small movements at the top just lowering the weight to the point it won't return.

No rest at all between sets . . . 

Barbell Preacher Curl - Use wide grip for 6 reps and 4 burns at the top. 

No rest at all between sets . . . 

EZ Bar Reverse Preacher Curl - 6 reps and 4 top burns. 

You have just completed one series. Rest between full series only. Do 3-5 series. Your arms should hurt horribly while enduring this series. 


No rest at all between sets . . . 

Lying Triceps Press with EZ Bar - 8 reps and 4 burns at the top.

Face Down Long Triceps Pull Extension  - 8 reps and 5 burns at the top.

Alternate both for 5 series. Then go on to the Long Pull Extension alone, reducing the weight each 2 or 3 sets while greatly decreasing the rest between sets until you are resting only 10 deep breaths. Do about 8-10 sets in this last drive for maximum pump while decreasing rest. 



Flat Barbell Bench Press, some technique pointers here:
- Up and down the rack, resting only for a partner or changing weights. Start light, go to heavy, then go down to light again. 7-9 sets of 6 reps (e.g. 200-225-250-300-250-225-200). 

 - No rest between sets here: 

Incline Barbell Bench Press
Incline DB Press
Incline DB Flye
Do 4 series of 8 reps and 4 burns on the two DB moves. 

Now do 3 double-drop sets of Incline DB Flyes in a series. Start heavy and work to light in two 10-lb drops. Don't rest. 


Do all three of these in a series for 8 reps with 5 burns on each set. No rest between sets and minimum rest between series. Do 4-6 series.

Pullup to Chest - Hands forward and thumbs wrapped over the bar to put stress on lats, not biceps. 

Lat Pulldown to Chest.

Seated Long Pull. 



Back Squat - Do 5 sets of up-the-rack squats, 10 reps per set. 

Hack Squat - 6 sets of 15 reps. Don't bottom out or lock out at the top so the thighs are constantly under stress. Hips on the bench going up and off the bench going down. Heels together, feet at 45 degree angle. 


Donkey Calf Raise - Bare feet on a 4" block padded with rubber. 6-8 sets of 25 reps. Heels must touch the floor every rep and top of movement should have your soles perpendicular to the floor. [When you get as high as you can, think "standing on tiptoes" and you'll go higher.]


Leg Raise - On parallel bars. 6 sets of 20 reps. Six-breath rest between sets. Don't worry about upper abs. You build the lower and the upper will take care of themselves.  


You will have noticed that in the previous routine the muscle groups are trained twice a week. In this definition layout the training frequency for muscle groups increases to three times per week. 

Training bodyparts 2X and 3X a week was era appropriate at the time Larry wrote these two routines for his students. 

I will include a training frequency template that Larry came up with to make the two six-day routines here more training friendly for the less, ahem, gifted. 



Flat Bench Press - see above - Do 3 series of 4 sets of 10 reps. Start heavy and work to light. Do not rest between weight drops. 

First warm up with a light weight. You are going to start out on the 1st work set using a heavy weight so it's very important to warm up properly for this type of bench press. 

Series Training: Start the first set with the maximum weight you will handle and complete all the reps suggested. Then, with no rest, drop the weight 10-20 pounds and do the next set. Continue until you have done all your sets in the series - then rest. As soon as possible, go back to the next series and start over. 

V-Bar Dip alternated with
Incline DB Press - Alternate for 3 series of 2 sets, 10 reps each. No rest between sets. 

DB Cross-Bench Pullover - 4 x 12, use all the weight you can handle. 


Alternate these three exercises for 5 series of 3 drop sets of 12 reps. No rest between sets, only between series. Long Pull here is done by pulling the bar to the waist with the pulley about five feet high in front of you. 

 - Chins to Nose on Chinning Bar
 - Lat Pulldown
 - Long Pull


Barbell Squat - 6 sets of 12 reps. Work up to maximum weight and down again. Little rest between sets. Your 4th set should be your heaviest. 

Leg Curl
Leg Extension - Do 3 series of 2 drop sets of 12 reps. 


Situp alternated with Leg Raise - Alternate for 4 series of 2 drop sets of 8 reps (8 sets in all). Don't rest between sets or series. This one is tough. Start with fewer reps if necessary. 



Barbell Press Behind Neck - Warm up first with light weight. Then do 6 sets of 10 reps. Start heavy and go light. No rest between sets. 

DB Side Lateral
Head Supported Bentover Lateral - Alternate these two for 4 series of 2 drops sets of 12 reps. 


Barbell Preacher Curl
DB Preacher Curl - Alternate these two for 4 or 5 series of 2 drop sets - 8 reps on each set and three burns at the top. No rest between sets. Rest as little as possible between series. 


EZ Bar Lying Triceps Press
Triceps Pressdown - Alternate these two for 5 series of 2 drop sets, 10 reps and 3 burns at the top of each sets. No rest between sets. 


Donkey Calf Raise - See above. 5 sets of 25. 

Here is Larry Scott's revised training frequency design that reduces the number of training days of the various muscle groups per week when following the above layouts: 

There are many, many training frequency training options for you to experiment with. 

Larry Scott: 

"Deltoids and arms (biceps and triceps) for me are extremely hard workouts so I don't want to do them on the same night. Yet I need something to warm up my armsj, so they must be done secondarily. The lat workout is excellent for warming up the elbows and lower biceps connectors, so I combine lats, arms and neck on the same training night. That leaves delts, thighs, calves, forearms and abs. 

"Deltoids are hard and nothing will really warm up the shoulders except light shoulder work, so I do them while I'm full of energy. I could combine calves with deltoids, but after I'm through with delts, I'm a little tired from having fought the pain zone. So for some individuals, the battle with calves and the extreme pain associated with them may not go well with delts. 

"I find myself withdrawing a little from the pain of high reps on calf raises if I have already drained a lot of my reserve of pain-withstanding tolerance while doing dumbbell presses, heavy dumbbell laterals and bentover dumbbell laterals. 

"For me the combination of delts and thighs works best. Thighs are hard but the reps are short and I like the exhaustion of heavy thigh work better than the long agony of calf work, do I combine delts, thighs and forearms. 

"That leaves pecs, calves and abs, which act like members of the same family. Pecs are low pain, calves are high pain, and the abs are not compromised with arms (biceps and triceps). That seems to be one of the best anti-stress groups I have come up with, but as always, it is constantly changing and a month from now I'm sure something will be different. "   








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