Thursday, October 31, 2019

121 Sets to Mass - Ernest Cottrell

Note: Here's a layout that features the double split format. Some people enjoy training quite frequently, sometimes in short bursts, sometimes not short at all. If your time allows it and you're so inclined, have at 'er! I mean, have at 'im! Make that, have at it!

I realize there's also a lot of people who believe this kind of frequency and volume won't work. Okay, let's be reasonable now. The following expression is a metaphor that alludes to the person being the boat, and the person's choice of activity being what the boat sits on and supports it, or in a more mystical sense, whatever allows the boat to deny the downward pull of gravity. So . . . 

Whatever floats your boat, Brother. 

(1/2 Hour)

Headstrap for Back on Neck - 5 sets of 8 reps
Superset with: 
Front of Neck (plate on forehead) - 5 x 15 reps

No rest, go to

Palms Down Barbell Wrist Curl - 3 x 10
No rest, go to: 
Palms Up Barbell Wrist Curl - 5 x 8

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday -Mornings
(1/2 Hour)

Calf Raise - 8 sets
Do mixed sets. One heavy, another very light, and everywhere in between. All sets to failure.

Waist Work.

Tuesday/Saturday - Second Workout of the Day
(Afternoon or Evening)

1) Jumping Squat (DB in each hand) - Cumulative reps twice
Select a poundage you can do without too great an effort for 4 reps. Do 4 reps. Then count off the number of seconds it would realistically take you to walk 30 ft. That's 10 yards. 10 paces. Sheesh. I love ya Ernest, but come on. Okay, 10 paces in seconds for a rest then do 5 reps. Cripes, about 7 or 8 seconds. Same rest, then do 6 reps. Keep on going until you cannot do another full set at the rep count you've reached. 

Rest 90 seconds, then

2) Jumping Squat (DB in each hand) - 3 x 12 reps
alternate with:
Stiff Arm Breathing Pullovers, no more than 25 lbs. - 3 x 12 

Rest 10 minutes, then

3) Barbell Bench Press - cumulative reps twice
Superset with:
Cheat Barbell Curl - cumulative reps twice

Rest 1 minute, then

4) Bench Press - 4 sets
Superset with:
Cheat Barbell Curl - 4 sets
Have both bars loaded so that you can take 10 lbs. off each set fast. Use the same start weights that were used in Number 3) and do each set to failure.

Rest 3 minutes, then

5) 35 degree Incline Barbell of DB Press 3 x 8
Superset with: 
Flat Flyes - 3 x 8

Rest 2 minutes, then

6) Shoulder Width Overhand Grip Chins- cumulative reps once

Rest 1 minute, then

7) Close Grip Underhand Chins - 4 x 8
Superset with: 
Lying Barbell Triceps Extension - 4 x 8

Rest 1 minute, then

8) Barbell Bentover Row - 4 x 10
Superset with: 
Standing Barbell French Press - 4 x 10

Rest 3 minutes, then

9) Bodyweight Dips - 4 x failure
Superset with; 
Alternate DB Curl - 4 x 12

Rest 1 minute, then

10) Cheat DB Laterals - 3 x 8
Only raise dumbbells to just about shoulder level, hold, and lower slowly. 

No rest to

11) Strict DB Laterals - 4 x 15
Full range movement on these.

 Thursday -second workout of the day
(afternoon or evening)

1) Dips - 2 x 7
Superset with:
Barbell Upright Row - 2 x 12

Rest 10 minutes, then

2) Half, or Bench Squats - cumulative reps twice

Rest 2 minutes, then

3) Full Front Squat - 5 x 8
tri-set with: 
Leg Curl - 5 x 10
tri-set with: 
Stiff-Arm Breathing Pullover - 5 x 12

Rest 5 minutes, then

4) Jumping Squat - 4 x 8
DB in each hand
Superset with: 
Stiff-Arm Breathing Pullover - 4 x 12

Rest 2 minutes, then

5) Strict Leg Extensions - 3 x 10
Do these slowly holding the legs hard at the top of the movement for 1 second, then, as you tire, cheat the weight up, hold and lower slowly.

Rest 3 minutes, then

6) Vigorous Running in Place - 2 sets of 1 minute
Hold a DB in each hand down at the sides, then proceed to run in place raising the knees as high as possible. 


Note: Anyone familiar with Peary Rader's wonderful IRON MAN magazine will remember the way he allowed all different approaches to training the opportunity to be published, and in doing that showed many different forms of training, as well as allowing authors that would normally not be published owing to lack of business connections and such the opportunity to share their experiments with lifting. 

Remember that next time you hear some die-hard my-way-is-the-right-way type bloviating over and over about the perils of some other way. 

Whatever floats your boat, Brother!    

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