Saturday, August 24, 2019

Power and the Bodybuilider

The next few things will be about this topic. Combinations of articles from various sources, 
somewhere between now and four or five decades ago. 
Is it new or is it old?
No matter . . . 

Oh, how weary I have grown of self-proclaimed bodybuilding experts who pooh-pooh the notion the bodybuilders do not need to train like powerlifters. Perhaps the experts never did themselves. Perhaps they know something that I don't. 

Still, there is one inescapable fact -- yes, fact -- that emerges from the flurry of pros and cons. There is indeed a place for power training in any bodybuilder's yearly cycle. 

I am not trying to turn bodybuilders into powerlifters, nor have I ever claimed that the only way a bodybuilder should train is with the kind of heavy poundages and low reps that powerlifters often use. 

No, indeed, but I do assert that the usefulness of power training for bodybuilders is undeniable. 

 - Fred Hatfield 

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