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The Secret of Superb Physical Development - Joseph Curtis Hise

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Covers of James Evans publication.
Early through late 1930.

Scan of Original James Evans Circular Below 
 Courtesy of Michael Murphy

The article below, a circular mailed to subscribers of Evans' The Weight-Lifter, is missing a few lines from the bottom of its page. This is an extremely rare item. Enjoy . . . and Thank You, Michael!

Editor Note (James Evans): The following article by the Mighty Joseph Curtis Hise is sent as an appreciation of your patience in waiting for the next issue of the Weight-Lifter. You will receive much valuable advice from the pen of Mr. J.C. Hise in future issues of the Weight-Lifter magazine.

The Secret of Superb Physical Development 
by Joseph Curtis Hise (mid to late 1930s)

All Training is divided in 3 parts: 

Training that you must do,
Training that you can do, and
Training that you do do. 

Scarcely anyone knows the "must do" training and like my Quaker ancestors, I even doubt myself sometimes - on financial training, of course.

"Can do training" depends on our environment, whether our parents are considerate and compassionate financially for our desires. If they are able to support you in the style approved of my the Joes - Hise and Louis "must do" training is easy if you KNOW what is "must".

One of the most outstanding of all exercisers (to those that know him) gets no kind words from a doting mama and sister - since he refused to be a perfectual invalid - as ordered by the doctor 10 years back. He sneaked training on the weights deciding better to be dead than a certain invalid - and the bad heart became a good heart. Were the loving females ecstatic over the recovery? Sure, for about 30 days.

The "was" invalid was in favor of "more" of the bar bell treatment - believing if a little is good - more is better. Alas, alas - nay not so with the mama's and sister's - as those of you who have them know. The only "mores" in men their women folks scream for is "more" clothes or "more" money - in (this) fact you don't have to have a mother living or sisters either - but the majority do have. It is true every son believes (so the paper says) that his mother and sisters are different - which is OK - but don't hope to prove it to Cynics or people that know better.

When the invalid son and brother recovered for say about 30 days - the women believed philosophy and training were further useless in a "compromised area" and sought to have him get ahead in the world. In a woman's eyes and against his will they rustled a job for him in the auto biz - paying 5 or 6 a week for a 12 hour shift. He didn't stay long because anybody who earns less than 40 a week really has to work and no one who knows his exercise will work long for 5 or 6 a week - or want to marry the daughter of such a generous employer either. So he was retired for a more ambitious man - much to the frustration of the females who had his interest at heart. However, despite all the female abuse he got enough to eat and with his knowledge of exercise to climb into 200-lb class nearly doubling his weight. I consider this an outstanding success story - any others having mothers and sisters will likewise.

Speak to a youngster and determine his idea of training and it will be "running" - a practice that exercise experts and bill collectors strongly disapprove. A sport writer points that a group were talking of training at the Braddock-Louis camps and one veteran points out that he had never seen a fighter run - and the others all agreed - the only time they run was for the camera man - the experts in the business can't make too many mistakes. If the school boys want to believe that boxers "run" - and Santa Claus comes down the chimney - the boxers ain't going to tell him different. Whom so we hate worse - the man who is patriotic and sentimental or the low skunk who is honest and tells the truth?

The boy is started out on Santa Claus and finally graduated to believing in running - here he learns to read newspapers or turn a radio dial and he never learns any more. Q.E.D. [quod erat demonstrandum].  

An Exerciser must have leisure - very much - say 21 or 22 hours out of 24 - if he is to climb into the superlative class. In spite of hard labor or tiresome hours he can climb from the "lowest" class to the ordinary exerciser stage - with proper instruction and weights, but

 - bottom section of page missing here, perhaps one or two lines -

As he grows older his toughness increases until one is as good as paps was at it - when one is well into middle age - but there is a slight slowing up in speed and a slight tapering in strength. A strong man is like the Deacon's One Hoss Shay -

Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Deacon's One Hoss Shay

 - he enjoys the natural life span that is inherited from his ancestors - and he is 100% alive while he is at it - contrary to the words of mama Babbitt and Sis -

Babbitt, and six others by Sinclair Lewis:

The most important thing in training is food - lots of it and plenty of protein - meaning MEAT - about 2 or 3#  a day. Man is omnivorous and if he is a vegetarian thru poverty - or not knowing any better - he is very stupid and half dead in his mental processes. There may be stupid men who are strong - but I never met any - nor would I believe it if I did. The dumb guys are none too bright because they are silly like many of you are now. They took up professional athletics and got their brains knocked loose in the arena. They sold their brains for a very few pieces of silver and will never get them back - just like some of you saps are willing to do - and wish to do - and will.

Most trainers can handily east 4 or 5 times a day but I was just a 3-timer- an idiosyncrasy I was born with - and not something I wished to laud as an all wise habit. There may bee some people who eat too often - but I don't believe it - agreeing with some docs who are not nuts that it is either lack of activity or a glandular unbalance. A voluntary meal misser is just another nut or unbalanced gland owner - not someone who is practicing restraint.

The best training schedule for a rapid gainer is - get up early and eat an "unAmerican" breakfast - a BIG meal - in fact my idea of the right breakfast is sausage or hamburger and beans and maybe gravy eaten around 5:30 or 6:00 A.M. - then back to bed for a 2 or 3 hours snooze - then up around 9:30 or 10 and read or loaf - read up on your P.C. [personal, private correspondence?] or read mechanics and classics. I usually read Shakespearean, Rabelais, Nietzsche, Moliere and Athenian drama, then eat lunch - then take a nap till about 3 PM - then read more of the foregoing and do some "light" exercise - eat supper - and about 8:30 or 9 would go do heavy DKB [deep knee bend] or SLDL [stiff legged deadlift] on a hopper. I later learned the best time was about 4:30 to 5:30 in the eve. Then to bed. THIS IS THE EXACT EXERCISE AND STUDY SCHEDULE THAT I GAINED SO RAPIDLY IN STRENGTH AND SIZE. You'll notice I had it all over Joe Louis on sleeping unless the 12 hours they credit him with is understatement.

From my chair of study in exercise you may see why I am so skeptical as to the chance of dial twisters [radio listeners] and sport page fiends of ever accomplishing anything "exercising".

If I cannot have these long hours of rest - those generously proteined meals - that freedom from labor all at one time - plus the adequate poundages in the SLDL on a hopper and D-K-B on a cambered bar - I am just as hapless as all of you have been under the same conditions.

I always turn up when some one would infer that Grimek or I were "naturals". That is an insult. GRIMEK'S LOOK COMES FROM SMALLER ELBOWS AND KNEE JOINTS. His skin is as thick and wrist and ankles are the same as mine - but my elbows and knee joints are so much larger that they have none of the looks. Small elbow and knee joints are common - but Grimek's??

Grimek gained slowly and persistently for 3 years - then and now he can gain and lose at will - as can many.

What are the limits in training? I can truthfully say it is not known. A guess by me is only a guess. There are several dozens of men in the world who know correct training, who are bound down by poverty, age, or the necessity of ceaseless activity. To one not knowing leisure - or ignorant of the proper training in D-K-B, SLDL and deltoids -

 - any limits are surmises to them, but not to me - the "all seeing ones . . .

last line or two missing from original circular.  




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