Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Now What" by Dan John

"Now What?"
The Ongoing Pursuit of Improved Performance

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There's a ton (maybe two!) of info in Dan's latest book. Check out what's covered . . . 

  • What elite performers focus on and how that’s useful for everyone
  • Dan’s “Contrarian Approach” and why he likes it
  • Knowing what to measure
  • The problem with conventional training wisdom
  • Trusting the obvious
  • How to train and coach intelligently
  • Dan’s four mental sets
  • How to use shark habits and pirate maps
  • The difference between shark habits and pirate maps
  • How to consider peaking, planning and programming
  • The Now What? Quadrants Grid
  • How to change behaviors
  • Eliminating clutter in behaviors
  • Saving mental overload
  • How shark habits affect longevity
  • How pirate maps work for ongoing changes
  • Dan’s favorite training checklists
  • What assessments does Dan use?
  • How to get compliance from your athletes
  • How Dan feels about programs, training plans and peaking
  • Dan’s “Twos Ladder”
  • When to use periodization…and when not to
  • How principles work in training athletes
  • Dan’s standards and gaps concept
  • Strategic shortcuts
  • Assessing performance and principles—the principle matrix
  • Assessing training gaps
  • Building the training foundation
  • The Five Whys practice, how to do it and why it works
  • The APE secrets—Accept, Practice, Experience
  • The possible training outcomes, and the ideal model of performance
  • How to put the performance model into practice
  • Considering appropriate practice in strength & conditioning
  • How the strength coach supports performance
  • A new take on the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”
  • How physical tension affects performance
  • Mastering and coaching appropriate tension levels
  • Teaching relaxation to your athletes
  • Understanding arousal levels in sports
  • The master skill of appropriate heart rate
  • Coaching elite athletes
  • Learning to be an elite coach
  • Shark habits and a pirate map for elite coaching
  • Training the aging athlete
  • Training well while aging
  • A selection of standards
  • Overcoming odds and failure
  • Dan’s personal assessment assignment
  • Horizontal and vertical community, the difference and how to use them both
Yikes! See . . . maybe three tons!

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