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Dumbbell-Only Workout - Don Ross

Your health is the pivotal factor in reaching your bodybuilding and powerlifting goals. The greater your attention to health, the harder you will be able to train and the further you will be able to advance. The moment your health falters for any reason, you will suffer immense setbacks.

This book covers the details necessary to address every aspect of physical health relating to the bodybuilder and powerlifter. From bloodwork to body scans to supplements; Shelby and Rob explore the latest techniques necessary for optimizing health and detecting problems before they have a negative impact.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to get as big and strong as possible, or if your goal is to live healthy for as long as possible, the key to your goals is the same thing: maximum physical health. 

Table of Contents:

Don Ross

The most advanced bodybuilders will find this dumbbell program as strenuous and result-producing as any they have used. A larger variety of exercises can be done with dumbbells. Your range of movement is not limited, as with barbells. The stabilizing muscles work harder. With dumbbells, you must control the movement in all directions. The results: ligament and tendon strength increases while coordination is improved. You can move your arms together and apart while using dumbbells. You can alternate the left and right side for variety. Muscles can be isolated or large areas worked together as a group. Work hard with this program for two months and see the changes.

Use a split routine, working chest, shoulders and upper back the 1st and 4th days; arms the 2nd and 5th days; and lower body the 3rd and 6th days. Take the 7th day off.

Dumbbell bench presses will provide a workout you never had with barbells. Take two light dumbbells and do a set of warmup bench presses. Bring them down low, giving your shoulder joints a mild stretch. Go to a heavier weight and do another warmup set. Now, use a weight you can do 6 reps with. Do your reps with your palms forward -- don't turn them in. Push the bells up, touch the inside plates above you. Try for an extra rep or so. Go down to the next lightest weight and do as many reps as possible. Repeat this for a 3rd and 4th set. Do a 5th set with light weights for 15-20 reps.

Incline flyes work the upper chest thoroughly. Raise the bench to a 45-degree angle for a set of 8. Bring the bench down to a 35-degree angle. Do 2 more sets. Bring the bench to a 25-degree angle and conclude the exercise with 2 sets. Make the downward (negative) movements slow and deliberate on these. Decline round-the-worlds can be done on a decline bench or an abdominal board. They are both a lower pectoral shaper and a ribcage builder.

Start your shoulder work with upright rows. Start with a heavy weight and go lighter with each set, always giving maximum effort. When you've completed 5 sets, go immediately into the next exercises, continuing down the dumbbell rack. Finish your shoulder work with alternate dumbbell presses. Do 6 reps with each arm. Avoid bending from side to side. If this presents a problem, use lighter weights and perform it seated.

Bentover laterals work the rear deltoid, the transitional muscle between shoulders and back. Alternate these with bentover dumbbell rows. Brace your head on a bench for both exercises. This takes the tension off your lower back and assures strictness of form. Do 5 sets of both exercises for 8 reps, or as many as possible, not exceeding 8.

Pullovers are often classified as a chest exercise. Though it will expand the ribcage if done with deep breathing, it is primarily an upper back exercise. Next, use a weight belt to attach a dumbbell to your waist. Take a wide grip on a chinning bar and do 5 sets of pullups, 5-6 reps per set. If you aren't strong enough to do that many sets, don't use weight. You may have to boost yourself up with your feet and lower slowly.

Use dumbbells you can do 8 reps with on the incline supination curls. Alternate the hammer curls so 5 sets are done with each arm; the dumbbell wrist curls will build powerful forearms. The following 3 triceps exercises complete the arm workout.

The intensity of these exercises will not only surprise you, but will build your muscularity as well. Many of you will find this dumbbell-only program so result-producing and tough that you'll stay with it for a long time.

 (see above for exercises sets/reps and explanations)


Chest - 
Dumbbell Bench Press
3-Angle Incline Flyes
Decline Round-the-Worlds

Upright Dumbbell Rows
Side Lateral Raises
Alternate Dumbbell Presses

Upper Back
Bentover Laterals - alternate with - 
Bentover DB Rows
Single DB Pullover
Chinups with Weight


Reverse-Grip DB Curls
Incline Supinated Curls
Hammer Curls

DB Wrist Curls
Reverse-Grip DB Wrist Curls

DB Triceps Presses
Decline DB Triceps Presses


Power Crunches - 5 x 15

DB Lean-Back Squats - 5 x 10
DB Hack Squats - 5 x 10
One-Legged Squats - 5 x 8

Dumbbell Leg Curls - 6 x 15

DB Calf Raise - 6 x 20
Leaning Forward Calf Raise - 5 x 15
One-Legged Calf Raise - 4 x 15

Lower Back
DB Stiff-Legged Deadlifts - 4 x 10

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