Monday, November 10, 2014

Weight Training/Conditioning Leg Routine

You can fire up the cardio effect of any weight training program by adding a conditioning component between sets (think Jump Squats, Burpees, Steep Incline Treadmill or Elliptical, etc.). In this workout, you will be following each leg superset with some high intensity pant-and-puffing. Why? 

For starters, you'll be getting more bang for your buck by knocking out a cardio workout while simultaneously hitting your legs and glutes from several different angles. You'll also jump-start your metabolism and, if done intensely enough, will keep it revving for hours afterwards. 

The Workout

Move through the supersets, performing rounds of each before moving on to the next superset pairing. Keep moving! Perform 8-12 reps (this can be varied) of each exercise in the superset - without rest (this cannot be varied) - then finish it off with the cardio booster. After that you can take a breather before going back to the top and repeating the whole three movement circuit, but keep it minimal and keep trying to shorten these rest periods and increase your poundages and cardio movement intensity as well. Work up to four rounds of each superset.

Superset A:

Barbell Semi-Stiff-Legged Deadlift - superset with
Dumbbell of Barbell Reverse Lunge - go directly to 
your choice of a cardio boosting movement or machine.

Superset B:

Barbell Squat to Leg Extension to Cardio Boost.

Superset C:

Glute Ham Raise to Dumbbell or Barbell Step-up to Cardio Boost.

Feel free to develop this idea with other supersets, other movements or bodyparts.
It can quite easily be altered to accommodate whatever goals you're after.
The routine can be anywhere from mainly strength-centered, with a slight cardio-conditioning aspect
to cardio/endurance-specific with a goal of hypertrophy from the weight movements.
There's no limit once you lose the fear of thinking for yourself.

Use slow, controlled movements on the first two movements, even though you might get the urge to speed up the rep execution just to get done once your heart starts racing. Keep Control! I mean, who's the boss around here . . . is it you or is it fear?


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