Monday, November 17, 2014

Multi-Angular Training - Don Ross

Now you will further stimulate muscle growth by training each muscle group with 4 different exercises, each one hitting the muscle from a different angle. This will completely work each muscle group, working many muscle fibers that weren't worked i8n the previous programs.

 You will increase the number of exercises per body part while decreasing the number of sets per exercise. This should allow you plenty of energy to make those constant strength gains which are a sure indication of muscle size increases. The routine will be 6 days a week, working each body part twice a week. Do 3 sets of each exercise. Once again, keep your rest periods between sets to a minimum. Constantly strive to use heavier weights in each exercise while maintaining form.

The 1st day will be upper body day. We will begin with the chest. The exercises for the chest warm up your shoulders, which we will work next. We'll conclude the shoulder work with a rear deltoid exercise, which ties into the upper back structure. We will, therefore, conclude this day's workout with upper back exercises.

Start with a pair of light dumbbells for the incline dumbbell press and do 2 warmup sets of 15 reps. Next move up to the heaviest weight that you can do 8 reps with, palms away. This works your upper chest; the next exercise, the mid-chest. Next work on the shape along the bottom and sides of the pectorals with chest dips. The chest machine will build the cleavage and inner pecs. To build width by enlarging the lateral deltoids, do barbell presses behind the neck with a wide grip. Barbell front raises build the front deltoid and create impressive development of the delt-pec tie-in.

Along with the neck and forearms, the rear deltoids are a frequently neglected muscle. Build these with bentover lateral raises for that finished, round look (the Nautilus 'shoulder girdle row' will do the exact same movement and can be used for this exercise). This will warm up the upper back for the following exercises listed.

The 2nd day we will concentrate on the arms. This body part receives the most attention, so arm development is emphasized in this course. Begin with 2 light warmup sets of standing barbell curls before taking your heaviest weight for 6 reps in the vertical preacher bench curls which pump the inner head of the biceps. The isolated curls work the outer, or long, head. If you haven't been doing reverse-grip barbell curls, they will add instant size to the upper arms. Complete your forearm work with wrist curls.

It is said that the triceps compose 2/3 of the upper arm. This depends largely on how the individual's arms are proportioned. Whatever the case, the triceps make up a lot of the arm's circumference. Enlarging them adds inches of measurement. Begin with close-grip triceps pushdowns on the overhead pulley. This warms up the elbows as well as building muscle. It primes the tendons for the next exercises. Finish this day's workout with neck exercises.

The 3rd day will be lower body day. Begin with abdominal work. This will serve as a warmup for the rest of the routine, and will be a cycle of 4 exercises. Do a set of 10 reps of each exercise, and do one set of each exercise one right after the other without rest. Perform 3 complete cycles. Increase your reps until you reach 20. At this point, perform them harder as you get accustomed to the routine. More reps aren't necessary.

The leg press can be done on a seated or lying type press machine. Begin with a light warmup set, then go heavy for your 3 sets. Conclude the day's workout with lower back work. Alternate hyperextensions with barbell bendovers.     

Multi-Angular Training Routine

1st and 4th Days

Incline DB Press - 2 x 15, 1 x 8.
Flat Bench Flye - 3 x 8.
Chest Dips - 3 x 8.
Chest Machine  - 3 x 12.
Standing Lateral Raise - 3 x 8.
Barbell Wide Grip PBN - 3 x 6.
Barbell Front Raises - 3 x 8.
Bentover Lateral Raises - 3 x 8.
Chin Ups - 3 x 6.
Lat Machine Pulldown - 3 x 8.
Bentover DB Row - 3 x 8.
Pullover Machine - 3 x 12.

2nd and 5th Days

Vertical Close Grip Preacher Curls - 3 x 6.
Wide Grip Isolated Curls - 3 x 8.
Standing DB Curls - 3 x 8.
Reverse Grip Barbell Curls - 3 x 12.
Barbell Wrist Curls - 3 x 10.
Reverse Grip Barbell Wrist Curls - 3 x 10.
Triceps Pushdowns, Close Grip - 3 x 10.
Triceps Pushdowns, Reverse Grip - 3 x 10.
Medium Grip French Press - 3 x 6.
Triceps Kick-Backs - 3 x 8.
Back Neck Resistance - 3 x 12.
Front Neck Resistance - 3 x 12.

3rd and 6th Days

Crunch/Leg Raise/Modified RollUp/V-up - 3 cycles of 10-20.
Leg Press - 3 x 8.
Leg Extension - 3 x 6.
Leg Curl - 3 x 8.
Lean-back Squats - 3 x 12.
Standing Calf Raise - 3 x 20.
Seated Calf Raise - 3 x 15.
Calf Raise on Leg Press - 3 x 12.
Calf Raise on Hack Machine - 3 x 10.
Hyperextension - 3 x 10, superset with
Barbell Bend-Overs - 3 x 8.


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