Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Muscle Density and Apparent Mass - Don Ross


While the previous program was one of power bodybuilding to stimulate growth through the use of heavy  weights and basic muscle-group exercises, this routine in our mass building program will further enlarge your muscles by METHODICALLY CUTTING DOWN YOUR REST PERIODS BETWEEN SETS. 

The exercises, this time, are meant to isolate individual muscles and emphasize those areas that will add AN ILLUSION OF SIZE. The increasingly shorter rest periods will help burn fat, reducing the waist and adding to this illusion.

This routine and diet was what I used in 1972 to go from a 190-lb bodybuilder to a full-fledged heavyweight in a very short time. It got me up to 215 in just three months. The fourth month, I cut down to 210 to win the Heavyweight Class in the Mr. World Contest. 

The routine is a 2-way split. You will work your upper body 3 days a week and your lower body and neck twice. You will do 2 exercises per body part (3 for thighs) and 5 sets per exercise. Start with a mild warmup, and then go immediately to the heaviest weight that you can properly do the prescribed reps with. Train down the rack, going to the next lighter weight and do on down the line. (Step bombing - each set is a maximum effort. Use a lighter weight each of the five sets so that you can keep your reps about the same with a maximum effort on each set. You will finish with a comparatively light weight but it will feel like a ton and have the same effect on the muscle as a heavy weight.) Do each set until no more repetitions can be performed. Then try to force out an extra rep. Rest as little as possible between sets. Also, lower the weights at a controlled speed to take advantage of negative resistance.

You all know how hard it is to get calf muscles to respond, so I needn't remind you to put every ounce of effort into the two calf exercises here. Go from the ab crunched to the leg raises without rest. Exhale hard on each upward movement. Finally, while most bodybuilders neglect their necks, we will work outs with neck bridges and partner (or solo) resistance movements. 

These routines will build size and the kind of proportion that will create the illusion of even more size.


1st, 3rd and 5th Days

Incline Barbell Press - 5 x 6.
Decline Flye - 5 x 8.
Standing Lateral Raise - 5 x 8.
Upright Dumbbell Row - 5 x 6.
Lat Pulldown - 5 x 8.
45 Degree Pulley Row - 5 x 6.
Barbell Curl, Back Against Wall or Post - 5 x 6.
Seated Dumbbell Curl - 5 x 8.
Dumbbell Triceps Press - 5 x 8
(hold two dumbbells with palms toward each other,
elbows pointing straight up and dumbbell on either side of your head).
45 Degree Pulley Overhead Triceps Extensions - 5 x 8.

2nd and 4th Days

Hyperextensions - 3 x 10.
Hack Squat - 5 x 8.
Leg Extension - 5 x 8.
Leg Curl - 5 x 8.
Standing Calf Raise - 5 x 15.
Seated Calf Raise - 5 x 15.
Ab Crunch superset with ->
Leg Raise - 4 x 25.
Neck Bridge - 3 x 10.
Front Neck Resistance - 3 x 10.  

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