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Foundation Building - Don Ross

Your present condition governs what level of training you should begin at. If you've never lifted weights before, whether or not you've been physically active, start with this Foundation Building Program. 'Beginning beginners' should go easy the first two weeks, using weights that are easily handled for the prescribed repetitions. Advance frequently in poundage and intensity. In-shape beginners can start with heavier weights, less rest between sets and can push a little harder. Experienced readers can skip the Foundation Program and go on to more advanced training. Work hard and experience immediate and continued improvement. 

Progressive Resistance Method

Muscle building is the process of your body adapting to work it's not accustomed to doing. In the beginning, a simple basic program will cause rapid growth. As your muscles adapt to the workload, you continue to add resistance in the form of increased poundages.

The most frequently used method of weight training is the progressive resistance method. You start with a fairly light weight that you can easily do the prescribed repetitions with. With each progressive set, you increase the weight. On the last set, you will barely be able to perform all your reps. The other sets provide you with a warmup and a "pump". The final set is the maximum effort set. It is the one that produces the majority of the results.

When you are able to surpass the prescribed reps on your final set, you add more weight to all your sets for your next workout. This is how intensity is created. This method has been used successfully by many champions for decades. Many of you will find it intense enough to produce continuous gains.

Foundation Building Routine One - Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments.

So this basic routine 3 days a week with 1 or 2 days between each workout. The 1st week, do 2 sets of each exercise. Perform the exercise, rest, then perform it again. Use a weight that you can do 10 repetitions with. The final rep on the last set should be difficult. The squats and calf raises are a compound exercise, or 'super-set'. After completing each set of squats immediately do a set of calf raises.

The 2nd week do 3 sets of each exercise. Add weight with each set. For the final set, use a weight that you can handle for 8 reps, and try for 10. Aim at increasing the weight you use as frequently as possible, but never sacrifice good form for heavier poundage in this program. Rest 3-5 minutes between sets for plenty of recuperation time, and you might have to time that the first few workouts just to get an idea in your head of how long it actually is. Follow this program for 6 weeks before tackling the next routine.

Foundation Building Routine One

Standing Overhead Press - 3 sets of 10 reps.
Bench Press - all exercises for 3 x 10.
Bentover Barbell Row.
Barbell Triceps (French) Press.
Barbell Curl.
Squat, superset with ->
Calf Raise.
Stiff Legged Deadlift.

Foundation Building Routine Two - Enlarging Your Basic Structure

This routine is designed to widen and thicken your basic structure. Instead of sets of 10, the reps will be lower in some cases, enabling you to lift heavier weight.

Hang from a chinning bar before and after each workout. At first, you may find it hard to recover, and find gripping difficult in your next few exercises, but you will soon adjust. Enlarge your rib cage with a superset of breathing squats and breathing pullovers. Your rib cage size constitutes most of your chest measurement. A large rib cage minimizes your waist, for those of you who are naturally thick-waisted. While you are still winded from the breathing squats, do the breathing pullovers. Go to a flat bench with a very light barbell. This is strictly a breathing exercise. If you feel a muscle pump in your lats or triceps, you are using too much weight.

Do 2 sets of 8 in the half squat with the heaviest weight possible. Do 3 x 6 in the bench press, then take 20 pounds off the bar and do 3 sets of bench presses to the neck, doing 6 reps per set.

Stay on this program for at least 2 months. Keep it as long as it works. Once you've completed these two foundation routines, you'll be ready to tackle a split routine, the next step in size training.

Foundation Building Routine Two

Chinning Bar Hang
Lat Machine Pulldown - 3 x 8.
Breathing Squat, 3x 20, superset with -> 
Breathing Pullovers, 3 x 20.
Half Squats - 2 x 8.
Standing Calf Machine - 3 x 15.
Bench Press - 3 x 6.
Bench Press to Neck - 3 x 6.
Incline Flye - 3 x 8.
Press Behind Neck - 3 x 6.
Deadlift Shrugs - 3 x 10
[deadlift, shrug the bar and hold contracted for 1/2 second, repeat].
Dumbbell Curl - 3 x 6.
Two-Dumbbell Triceps Press - 3 x 8.
Weighted Situps - 3 x 10.

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